Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Terengganu Bike Week 2012

Terengganu Bike Week 2012
30th-31st of March

hi~ iM back~ phewwww~ iM really busy lately~ 
sorRy fOr da Late pOst~
lets Me stOry bOut TBW 2012~

BIKE WEEK~ Dis is a term called da gathering of motorcycle frOm all over the place & gathered in One place with activities.

Dis year,
fOr da first time Terengganu Motor Association take an initiative tO Organize  

Bike Week will tOok place Over two days, starting On da 30th tO 31st March. (Friday and Saturday). Da locatiOn is at Pantai Batu BurOk, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
Participation is Open to all motorcycle clubs regardless of whether high or low cc
. All invited to join In addition, Da clubs frOm Singapore & Thailand are also invited. Dis is cOnsistent with da prOmotion in 
"visit Terengganu Year 2013" organized by da State Government.

Dis time I went tO Terengganu Bike week alone. yeah~ Lone ranGer~ \(~.^)/
 i mOve frOm KL at 12pm~

Shell RnR Temerloh @ 1.10pm
at Petronas Cherating @ 2.30pm
safely arrived~ alhamdulillah~ @ 5.30pm~ 
 on da night Of the 29th, I went tO bike week site with my friend Mrs. Ja~

Banner of Bike Week~
On spider ~

On 30th~ its open fOr registratiOn~

M wth Lady Bikers Terengganu~
wth Singapore bikers, they r knOwn as Mistri Bikers~
TBW 2012~

in da middLe is ma fwen Ja wth sis NoOr (Mistri Bikers)

M wth Sis Nor (NZ York)

iM with Terengganu Bikers~
Ja with Her Husband Ku Mir~

own by Lady Bikers~

iM wth SeniOr rider~

On da 31st~
Dis mOrning is actually gOt charity to orphanages and Old people's home, then a cOnvoy to Kenyir to see da histOry of dat state. Eerk .... (x_X) but I didnt gO cOz of late wake up~. I just hang Out in Primula fOr breakfast with my nieCe n ma Nephew, incidentally~ they are playing in da pool. In da evening I met with some bikers from Kelantan before they go baCk.

wth Kelantan Bikers Community~ (KBC)

KBC rider get ready to go back to Kelantan~

iN da evening I attended an Official dinner  Terengganu Bike Week 
held at da same site ~ after finish da eVent I gO back fOr Rest, 
because tOmorrow I gO back tO KL wth  
EMC - Enduro Malaysian Chapter, 
bro Nolan Yusof & brO Adly Safari~

get ready to go baCk~

at KuaLa Abang~

at KuaLa Abang~

Enduro Malaysian Chapter - EMC Rider~

Blue jaket is Bro Adly & yellow Shirt is Bro Nolan~

Our jOurney to Cherating along the way heavy rain, and stOp for raincOats ~

refuel @ Petronas Cherating~
at LPT befOre Temerloh~ bro Nolan Bike's gOt problem & cannOt to start~

therefOre, brO Nolan had to wait bro Adly came back with da Hilux tO be dRiven by bro Yusri frOm Seremban to bring back brO Nolan's Bike. sO me & bro Adly proceed to RnR Genting Sempah, fOr Bro Adly & brO Eric had promised there. And I would go back tO KL. Alhamdulillah iM safely arrived home~ as well as bro Nolan and Adly ~ all arrive safely. thanks gOd~



Friday, 6 April 2012

RiDe Suka SuKi

Day RiDe Suka SuKi 25th.MarCh.2012

Day RiDe Suka Suki with BrotHers ( ROUTE ~ KL - Senawang - k.pilah- senaling- dangi - Ulu Rokan- Gemenchih - Air kuning - Nyalas - Bekuh - Tangkak - Ledang - Bkit Kepong -Paguh - Parit sulong - Simpang lima - Batu pahat Lunch - Melaka - Senawang - KL) DoNe.. Nice riDe.. SoWwy I'm not faster x_x but iM haPpy  \(~.^)/  . tHanks brO NoLan, KaMaruz, YusRi & Black@FaiZal~

oN 25th - BrO NoLan wTh HiS VerSys CBU (650), Black wTh HiS z750, KamaRuzz wiTh His GTR (1400) & Yusri wiTh GS1200 & Me wiTh Ma PiNkEr6n~ tQs tO aLL~
Our jOurney  was 433 km.

RiDing rOuTe~
 frOm kL I moVe at 7.45am aNd stOp at sHell Tol Sg.Besi fOr Refuel anD mOve tO Tol Senawang aT 8.05am n saFeLy aRrived at 8.32am, tHen mOve tO Mc.D senaWang fOr RV pOint~ heRe i juSt waNt tO stOry bOut riDe thru PictuRes~ enjOy~

RV pOint Mc.D Senawang, we sTart tO riDe @9.30am~

BreaFast @ KuaLa PiLah~

1st stOp after RiDe @

Air Kuning, Melaka~

2nd stOp at Ledang

afTer ReSt Venue at Ledang we mOve tO Bukit KepOng, here we get sOme driNk aNd tHen we mOve to visiTed the natiOn's histOry, da Bukit Kepong Police Station.

at 1.30pm we r here~ Bukit KepOng for DriNks~

arOund 2.00pm we moVe to ViSited da natiOn's histOry, da Bukit Kepong Police Station.

Bukit Kepong Police Station.

Bukit Kepong Police Station.

After the viSit we mOved tO Batu Pahat, Johor fOr lunch. BefOre that we stOpped at tHe nearBy mOsque fOr pRayers. On the way heRe, the weaTher iS bad, aNd we weRe wet wiTh Rain. But Alhamdulillah~~ we all saFelly arRived heRe at 3.30pm.

wOw weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ EveRy One HunGry~  x_X  and an order fOr lunch. Our diShes are "Asam pedas ikan Pari", vegetable sprouts, fried chicken, sweet soy & dRinks~

AfTer Lunch, we mOved baCk to Senawang thrOugh Hiway Malacca. We arRived at da Senawang at 7:20pm. Our Last pOrt heRe is RestauRant Tina, senaWang. All Of tHem staYing at SeNawang~ Before baCk to KL, I eat diNner here. After tHat I go baCk tO KL alOne at abOut 8:20pm and SafeLy Arrived at hOme at 9.20pm.  

Thanks to bro Nolan, YusRi, Kamaruz and Black, fOr not Leaving me, althOugh I do not speed and nOt cOmpetent tO "meLefer" ~ 
Our jOrney smOoth & saFe~

 Alhamdulillah~~ tHanks gOd ~ ~

daTs all my SumMary fOr Day RiDe Suka SuKi~