Thursday, 31 October 2013

MotoGP 2013

MotoGP 2013. 13rd. OCT~

Hi.. im cOmeback for ma latest ride yOo... woOohoOooooo... Dis year I jOin MotoGP cOnvoy with Ducati Club Malaysia to Sepang international Circuit.

wth Sis Linda Ameer frOm Ducati SingapOre
wth PDOC n NZ yOrk~

wth pilliOn Ducati Thailand~ introduce by K.nOor @ NZ yOrk~



Briefing by Dr.Shumie befOre cOncoy~

hi.. its Me.. Bunge @Chaya Juhan~

me with Nz yOrk @ k.nOor~

wooOoooohooOoooo~  \(~.^)/

Ducati Club Malaysia parking at MotoGP 13~



Bike shOw frOm Ducati

dats all abOut MotoGp 2013.. i dOnt want stOry mOre bcOz.. my bOfwen in 3rd place~

enjOy ma simple stOry wth Pictures~

Our cOnvoy safe n smooth~  thanks gOd~


MegaRide PieLang Bikers to Tanjung Emas, Muar~

26th.Oct.2013 - Megaride
to Tanjung Emas, Muar-Johor~

Hi.. lets enjOy ma latest ride with Pielang Bikers to Tanjung Emas, Muar. Dis convOy lead by 10 marshall to guide 80 big bike~ 1st RV is RnR Serdang at 830am. befOre mOve at 9.15am,  like usual da leader briefing bout da safety cOnvoy to participants.

RnR Sedang~
RnR Ayer KerOh fOr refuel~
2nd RV is at rnr Ayer Keroh, Melaka~

We all safely arrived at Tajung Emas around 1130am. Hurmm not really far.. Our convOy smooth n safe. TQs gOd~ Alhamdulillah...

Tanjung Emas, Muar~
Tanjung Emas, Muar~

My LunCh..Self Service~

We are PieLang.. nOt pailang lor~

President Muar Bikers in Black shirt~
Ladys Of Pielang~

standBy tO go back~
just 2 of Us da lady rider jOined dis cOnvoy~ ~Yana n Bunge~

befOre back, we stopped at a nearby mOsque fOr prayers~

after prayers we mOve around 230pm, then stop at RnR Jejantas Ayer Keroh fOr refuel befOre continue da cOnvOy~~

RnR Seremban, our last check pOint befOre gO back.. tQs to da marshall for guide da cOnvoy safe n smOoth~

Alhamdulillah.. tQs gOd.. our cOnvoy safe & smoOth. Thanks to da marshall in charge of cOnvoy security.


Friday, 16 August 2013

Solo Ride Eidul Fitri 2013

SoLo Ride Eidul Fitri 2013 by Ducati Monster.
KuaLa Lumpur  - KuaLa Terengganu - KuaLa Lumpur
5.Aug.13 - 13.Aug.13

hi.. I'm cOme baCk for ma Latest ride.. WoOoooohooOoooo~ actually dis is nOt ma 1st solo ride, dis iS ma 3rd solo ride to KuaLa Terengganu. Heeeee Ma hOmetOwn yOo.. Ok.. Let's me stOry ma ride By Pic~

On 5.Aug.13, @8.30am I move from ma hOuSe, Bandar Baru Sentul. N safely arrived @ Shell Temerloh @9.25am for Refuel (rm11) ma ride kL to Temerloh come wth Rain, cannOt ride faster lor.. Safety 1st..  n continue ma ride @9.45am.

@ shell R&R Temerloh~

@11am I n ma hOtPinky safely arrived @ Cherating for next refuel (rm12). Around @11.30am I move continue ma jOurney.

@ Petronas Cherating~

For next refuel I stOp @ Dungun @ 1.10pm, can't ride faster because traffic nOt smooth n I follow 'jln pantai' to Kuala Terengganu. @1.30pm I move to KuaLa Terengganu. 

@ Caltex Dungun~

Alhamdulillah~ tQs gOd I'm safely arrived @2.30pm, huhuhu.. 6 hOurs, chillax ride n I'm not faster rider yOo.

@ ma cOusin hOuse~

@ Kubang Ikan~

***** 6
***** 7

8.Aug.13 - 1 Syawal - Happy Eidul Fitri~

9.Aug.13 - 2 Syawal - Happy Eidul Fitri~

10.Aug.13 - 3 Syawal - Happy Eidul Fitri~

Happy Eidul Fitri~

***** 11 just rempits to KiLLiney Cafe

12.Aug.13 - ttS wth Terengganu Bikers. TQs to abg Lan for arrange dis ttS n bring me to 'PaPaDin shOp' fOr eat 'pulut gaul nyOr' . then move back to Pantai Batu BurOk for lepaks wth a few DucatiSti. @11.30pm I go back, bcOz tomOrrow I have long jOurney.

@  Pantai Batu BurOk~

13.Aug.13 - Today I go back to KuaLa Lumpur. I move @ 9am, b4 start da long journey I refuel @ Rusila (rm17). Then move to cherating n safely arrived @11.30am. @11.45am I continue ma ride to Temerloh. 

@ Petronas Cherating~

Traffic not really smOoth, I safely arrived @ Shell Temerloh arOund @1.15pm. 

@ Shell TemerLoh~

iTs me yOo~

@1.35pm I continue ma ride to Bandar Baru Sentul, n safely arrived home @2.30pm. Sure u olls wanna know hOw long ma jOurney rite... KL-KT is about 425km, gO n back 850km. n totall ma jOurney is abOut 890km.

Alhamdulilah.. TQs gOd.
Ma Ride safely n smoOth~

EnjOy ma riDe yOo.. WooOooohoOooooo~

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Asia mOnster Gathering~

Asia mOnster Gathering~

hi ma Followers Pinky Rider~ even nOt many~ but ok than zerO yOo~ Yeay!!! \(^_^)/
im cOme back for ma latest ride wth ma latest machine (Ducati mOnster 795)~ Last week im jOined ride wth Ducati_Club_Malaysia tO Penang for ride "Asia mOnster Gathering".

RnR Sg.BuLoh~
On Saturday. 11st.May.2013, Our Rv pOint is at RnR Jejantas Sg.BuLOh, RV time iS at 7-7.40am, and at 7.40-8am briefing cOnvoy by da Leader, Dis riDe start da jOurnry at 8.30am by grOup A, B n C~ huhuhuhuhu~ iM in grOup C~ da sLowerSt grOup~
erk x_X im nubie hokey~

da NeXt pit stOp is at Shell RNR Tapah for Refuel n ReSt~

@ Shell Tapah~ n One celebrities oSo jOined dis riDe~ she iS Linda Onn~

da neXt Pit stOp is at Bukit Gantang fOr refuel n reSt~

@ Shell Bkt Gantang~
@ Shell Bkt Gantang~

we arrived early at Shell Juru arOund 11.45am i tOt~

at Shell Juru

@ Shell juru wth Adek Ezani~ rider frOm Penang~ (encem bOy)
Peace yOo~
Shell tOL Juru~

at 12.30pm we mOve to Charity Event for Lahad Datu, escorted by marshall~
blablablabla~ (its nOthing here lorh~ x_X sOrry ) we was here juSt fOr crOwded~

at event~
Lets paRk da Bike~

after da event @ Juru we mOve to Gurney ParagOn Mall Penang for RegistratiOn~ VrOoooooooooommmmmmmm~
hahahhaha~ im Lost, but i was Lucky have marshall guide me to da event~ juSt me n few rider safely arrived here~ anOther rider had reached to da hOteL~ waaaaaaaaaa~ (T_T)

im at da event 'Asia mOnster Gathering' yOo~ 

wooOOoohooOoooo~ im sO Lucky bcOz KiKi waNna go back tO hotel, so i can foLLow her ~ weeeeeeHUuuuuu~ 

after check in~ bLablabLa~ its time free n eaSy~ mostly da rider reSt at da rOom~ but i + emma + brO mariO  playing in da pOol Hard rOck~ wooOooohooOOooooo~ \(^_~)/

ma rOom sharing wth  fwens~

Me n Brutale GurLz (emma)~

bLabLabla zzZZZzzzZZZzzz~ blabLablabLa~

at 6pm regrOup at Lobby~ fOr event 'Asia mOnster Gathering' at Gurney ParagOn Mall Penang~

yeah!! Ducatisti~
Q fOr RegistratiOn yOo~

weeehUuuuu~ Ducatisti~

Bike waSh by SeXy Ladies yOo~
frOm Manjung~

Our MC of da Event is Nurul Alis Kiki~
da enCen DCM Marshalls~ woooOOoohooOooo~
Lady Rider~

Lady Rider~

at 8-11.30pm welcOme speech by APAC, Live cOncert, Ducati Lucky Draw, AnnOuncement Miss n Mr mOnster, n da winNer is MiSs Ju + Mr. EpulblabLabla~ nyum nyum nyum~ blabLablabLa~

BiG bOss~

DUCATiSTi!! yeah!! u olls happening + spOrting~

After da event its tiMe free n eaSy~

but im juSt at rOom~ gudLady  yOo :p zzzZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzz~

mOrning yOo~ 

tOday is 2nd day, 12nd.May.2013. wake up early in da mOrning fOr bfast~ activities fOr tOday is ride along Penang cOast n Charity Ride ~ (but i dOnt gO, bcOz da bRain Pain~ x_X, sOwwy)

Charity Ride~
Alhamdulillah~ activities gOing well~ cOngrates~
~Ducati Club Malaysia~

whO R nOt go tO activities juSt at hOteL n waiTing da rest whO's jOined activities~

arOund 1.30pm, briefing frOm Zain bOut our cOnvoy back to KL, da participant iS jOined DCM convOy just 25 bikes wth 31 persOn, bcOz da reSt shud go baCk early~

arOund 3.15pm we arrived @ Shell juru fOr refuel n then we mOve  to 'Paksu SeafOod' at Juru area fOr Lunch~ phewwww~ Our Lunch Very bOmbastic, wth RM45/pax. Alhamdulillah.. iM veRy satisfied~

PakSu Seafood~

after Lunch at 5.30pm we mOve to next Pit stOp RnR Sg. Perak fOr refuel n reSt~ frOm here da Marshal ask Lady rider riding on da frOnt of da cOnvoy, da rest at da baCk~

tQs to all DCM Marshalls~

Da cOnvoy smOoth to RnR Tapah for Refuel n rest. At 7.30pm we mOve to Last pit stOp RnR Jejantas Sg.BuLoh~, we all safely arrived here at 8.50pm~ thanks to Oll DCM Marshalls, kipidap yOo~
Alhamdulillah.. tHanks gOd~

**Opss im fOrgot~ da Pics Credit tO Izaiha ZainOl~ tQs cOz allow me to used it~

event END~