Friday, 6 April 2012

RiDe Suka SuKi

Day RiDe Suka SuKi 25th.MarCh.2012

Day RiDe Suka Suki with BrotHers ( ROUTE ~ KL - Senawang - k.pilah- senaling- dangi - Ulu Rokan- Gemenchih - Air kuning - Nyalas - Bekuh - Tangkak - Ledang - Bkit Kepong -Paguh - Parit sulong - Simpang lima - Batu pahat Lunch - Melaka - Senawang - KL) DoNe.. Nice riDe.. SoWwy I'm not faster x_x but iM haPpy  \(~.^)/  . tHanks brO NoLan, KaMaruz, YusRi & Black@FaiZal~

oN 25th - BrO NoLan wTh HiS VerSys CBU (650), Black wTh HiS z750, KamaRuzz wiTh His GTR (1400) & Yusri wiTh GS1200 & Me wiTh Ma PiNkEr6n~ tQs tO aLL~
Our jOurney  was 433 km.

RiDing rOuTe~
 frOm kL I moVe at 7.45am aNd stOp at sHell Tol Sg.Besi fOr Refuel anD mOve tO Tol Senawang aT 8.05am n saFeLy aRrived at 8.32am, tHen mOve tO Mc.D senaWang fOr RV pOint~ heRe i juSt waNt tO stOry bOut riDe thru PictuRes~ enjOy~

RV pOint Mc.D Senawang, we sTart tO riDe @9.30am~

BreaFast @ KuaLa PiLah~

1st stOp after RiDe @

Air Kuning, Melaka~

2nd stOp at Ledang

afTer ReSt Venue at Ledang we mOve tO Bukit KepOng, here we get sOme driNk aNd tHen we mOve to visiTed the natiOn's histOry, da Bukit Kepong Police Station.

at 1.30pm we r here~ Bukit KepOng for DriNks~

arOund 2.00pm we moVe to ViSited da natiOn's histOry, da Bukit Kepong Police Station.

Bukit Kepong Police Station.

Bukit Kepong Police Station.

After the viSit we mOved tO Batu Pahat, Johor fOr lunch. BefOre that we stOpped at tHe nearBy mOsque fOr pRayers. On the way heRe, the weaTher iS bad, aNd we weRe wet wiTh Rain. But Alhamdulillah~~ we all saFelly arRived heRe at 3.30pm.

wOw weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ EveRy One HunGry~  x_X  and an order fOr lunch. Our diShes are "Asam pedas ikan Pari", vegetable sprouts, fried chicken, sweet soy & dRinks~

AfTer Lunch, we mOved baCk to Senawang thrOugh Hiway Malacca. We arRived at da Senawang at 7:20pm. Our Last pOrt heRe is RestauRant Tina, senaWang. All Of tHem staYing at SeNawang~ Before baCk to KL, I eat diNner here. After tHat I go baCk tO KL alOne at abOut 8:20pm and SafeLy Arrived at hOme at 9.20pm.  

Thanks to bro Nolan, YusRi, Kamaruz and Black, fOr not Leaving me, althOugh I do not speed and nOt cOmpetent tO "meLefer" ~ 
Our jOrney smOoth & saFe~

 Alhamdulillah~~ tHanks gOd ~ ~

daTs all my SumMary fOr Day RiDe Suka SuKi~



  1. niceeee posting... wink wink..

  2. perghh dasat kak bunge

  3. eh ehhh apsal tulisan i jd pink jugak nie .,,.,tidaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk

  4. interesting bravo!!

  5. Sis, I sebenaq pernah jumpa U kat 3NR tempoh pun parking sebelah menyebelah masa charity rides tu....tabik la...U cukup active ride.Tapi boleh tak I komen sikit pasal blog U?....tulisan yg u guna sikit buat I 'rabun' lah...sbb bercampur aduk dgn small letter n caps lock....boleh guna standard wording tak?

    Mr KLE500

  6. Sis, I stay Senawang as well. Kamarul is the owner of TM Shop? Nice ride..One day may join you all..

  7. tQs for reding n OPiniOn~

    tQs a lot~

  8. Nerek~ erk~ actually i donno wats ma fwen working as~ i just know~ them is da bikers~