Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan & Lebuh raya

Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan 
Jalan & Lebuh raya
~Lady Bikers MalaySia~

Hi~ nOt too Late i WiSh HaPpy ChiNese New Year!!! 
Yeay!! iM oSo gOt angpOw ma~ kihkihkih~ 
On Last ThurSday, 19th. I jOined Lady Bikers Malaysia in proGram 
"Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan & Lebuh raya"
LaDy Bikers jOin iN dis cOnvoY is Me :D, Siti, Alia, YanJoe, Emma, Mira YaacOb, Fauziah Latiff, Diana, ZaitOn, n Lady Biker frOm Jugra Bikers~ & pLus Other Bikers frOm others cLub~
diS haPpened @ HighWay Lebuhraya DamanSara PuchOng (LDP).

Our RV pOint is @ Sunway PyraMid, Subang~ at 11am, tHen we mOve to da EveNt~

Highway Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong(LDP).

Highway Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong(LDP).

we aRe UniTe~

da BeuTyful + KinD + HumbLe ceLebRitiy Sis Gee~

                         beHind siS Gee iS K.Mira PresiDent of LBM~

we LunCh heRe OrgaNize by eVent ManageMent~ after LuNch we mOve tO oUr bike to Get ReaDy fOr miNi cOnvOy 
to Open CeremOny of da EveNt~

MajLis PeLancaRan Kempen KeseLamaTan JaLan & Lebuh Raya~
SiTi nOr Eyres & Alia FahMi~
DiaNa & ZaitOn~ tea tiMe~ eat aGain lor~

We R LaDy BiKers~
FauZiah Latiff wiTh FiRe DepartMent (BOMBA) staff
FauZiah Latiff wiTh Litrak staff
after da Event we mOve tO Subang AveNue fOr cOffee~
blabBlablaBlabLa~wHat? wHy? wHere? Psssttttt~ hahahhahahha~ 
enjOy~ Opss tiMes up~ arOund 6.30pm we mOve gO baCk hOme~ 

tHanks tO Olls PaticipatiOn in Dis Event~ 
EveNt Succeed~


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Women On Wheels 2012

Women On Wheels
WOW 14-15th.January.2012
Sunway LagOon, Subang~

heyYaa~!! im cOme back fOr latest Ma riDe babeh~ miSS yOu~ kihkihkih~
LeTs me stOry bOut ma RiDe wiTh WOW- Women On Wheels, 14-15th Of January. On 14th all parTicipant shOuld be aT Sri Pentas One Utama @ 7am - 8am for fLag Off Live On TV3 to Sunway LagOon~ iN DiS event its nOt juSt Open tO Women~ BUT its alsO oPen to  
"Men On Wheels" eSpecially for KLBC~ ;) (i tOt Men heRe aS a SuppOrter fOr Dis Event~)

in frOnt oF Sri PenTas One Utama~

we R Bikers~ frOm left is Nott, Bunge aNd Siti Eyres~

ArOund 9am cOnvoy reaDy tO riDe fLag Off  to Sunway escOrt by Marshall from KLBC n Police Traffic Bukit Aman. Convoy safeLy aRrived aT SunWay LagOon arOund 10am~ tHanks gOd! n Many tHanks to PoLice Traffic n MarShall~ Here we Need tO RegistratiOn n Get Our GoOdies Bag n Dinner Card with nO. Lucky Draw~ after Dat we mOve to cHange Our UnifOrm to beaCh wEar~ for neXt prOgram.

iM wiTh FaraDhia~ she is Kind+LoveLy actress~
Me wiTh da fOunDer oF WOW~ Maznah Zolkifli~
we aRe Lady Bikers~ celebRities oso~ kihkihkih~
Celebrities alsO jOined Dis event, tHere aRe Ijoy + Fizo Omar + FaraDhia + Betty~ (others??? iM fOrgot his/her name~ soRry..)
ArOund 11.30am  Dis event Launches by Tengku Samsudin, Bendahara Selangor

Tengku Samsudin ~

OOpppss~ im forgOt~ in dis eVent 2 KoRean lady biKers oSo jOined dis eVent~ n 1 Man Bikers frOm Indonesia n 1 Lady Bikers frOm Brunei~

afTer tHe opening ceremOny~ parTicipants diVided intO grOups tO pLay extReme cHallenge!! gaMe muSt be cOmpleted witHin 1 hour 30 minuTes~ we sHud FiniSh 8 gaMes, Da gaMe iS Go Cart + Paint Ball + G-fOrce + ATv + fLyingfOx + waTer sLider + arChery~
 wOw Weeeeeeeeeee~ wOoooHoOooooooo~ lastly fiNish~ tiMe up~ my grOup juSt FinisH 5 GaMes~ nOt Bad~ ;) eVen nOt cOmpleTed~ iM ejOy with Ma grOup~ tQs to Suria+Liza+Lya+nanCy+Man+izuDin & kawan Lya~ 
(sorry 4gOt her name x_x)

afTer FinisH da GaMe we mOve to Having Lunch pRepared by Organizer~ blaBlabLabla~ I and Ma Dear fWen Siti moVe to CheCk in @ PyraMid tOwer hOtel~ Our accOmmoDatiOns aRe on Our oWn, iS nOt incLuded iN eVent ManageMent~
 Yeah!! tiMe to ReSt befOre waiTing da DinNer~ 
with tHeme"wHite BeaCh ParTy"

tiMe fOr WhiTe BeaCh ParTy!!~ hOoYeahhh!!  \(~.^)/

Siti & Me~

Me & Mg Mirae~

frOm left is Azuna + suRia + GigLi + NoTt & Mg Mirae~
frOm LefT iS Suria + Wana (RL) + Azuna~

Bunge & Mg Mirae~

arOund 11.30 DinNer FiNisH~ I n ma fWen mOve to da rOom ~ WanNa get rEst fOr tOmOrrOw~
GoOd NigHt~ ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzzz~

hi Peeps~ for da NexT day on 15th, parTicipatiOn riDe tO Naza Pj fOr haVe BreakFaSt ~ befOre mOve to Subang Skypark AirpOrt.


Our Bike~

Me wth New BrOwn sHades VesPa~

frOm left, Ina+Qniey+Me+Linda+Mg Mirae & GigLi~

pOst aNd aCtiOn~

LaDy Bikers~

arOund 1.30pm cOnvoy mOve to Subang Skypark AirpOrt fOr da neXt prOgram~ heRe gOt 20 tickets for Focker~wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ fLying iN da sKy~

EnjOy yOur fLying iN da sKy~
finisH dis prOgram, ConvOy RiDe to SIC, Sepang InternaTiOnal Circuit, Here parTicipaNt get 2 laps fRee to riDe in SIC~ WOW!! ( But~ iM n some oF fWen nOt gOing tO SIC cOz of a Bit prObLem afTer tHem cOme dOwn frOm FocKer, heaDache mayBe~) after Dat cOnvOy mOve to Chear Motor for da LaSt proGram and cLoSing CeremOny of WOW event for 2012~
eVent suCceed~

cOngRatuLatiOn to WOW ManageMent~
GoOd Luck fOr nexT eVent!!

daTs all my SumMary fOr Dis eVent~ Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

LaSt RiDe tO GenTing+Bkt TinGgi Of 2011

Genting+Bkt TinGgi - 31st.Dec.2011

Hi~  HaPpy New Year!! hOpefuLly I gOt mOre LuCk in 2012~ wOoooohOoooo~

Ok, let Me stOry abOut ma Last RiDe tO Genting + Bukit TinGgi on 2011~ its haPpen in LaSt week, 31st Of Dec.2011. Our RV pOint iS at BHP gOmbak at 9.am. Erk!! iM late~ arghhhhhhhhh... waiT~ iM cOming~ 9.30am I mOve to RV pOint n aRrived tHere at 9.45am. pHewww~ 
iM sOrry~ x_x
tHey juSt wait fOr me, iM aRriVed tHen we MoVE to GenTing~

 We gOing up wth 6 mOtorBike 
(Nabil + aBg Fauzi + Mr.Azuna + Abg Duc DeVil + NoTt + Me) n we meEt abg Din n Lya @ cOffee Bean~
phewwww at GenTing sO cOld~
Heyyaaa~ it's Me wTh mY PiNker6n~
Nott AfiZuna wth her Bike BMW F800~
Lya wth Her Ducati TriPple 9~

nOrmaLLy we RiDe heRe juSt on Weekend~ juSt fOr fUn riDe , meet Bikers fWen n haVe BreakfaSt at CofFee Bean~ hehehehehe~ but I love to called "kOpiBin~" ngeeeeeee~
afTer cHit cHat n bLaBlaLalaLaa~ we deciDe waNna riDe tO BuKit TinGgi LeaD by Abg Din. We go theRe fOr Lunch~ But Nabil n Abg Duc Devil not jOined beCauSe got persOnal maTTer to do !st~
iM sO exciTed!!! beCause i gOt cHance riDe wth SeniOr riDer~ tQs~

Man Rider ~
at Golf Club Bukit TingGi~
we aRe LaDy RiDer~

we all saFeLy aRrived heRe~ anyOne love to "layan cOrner" can cOme here~ but carefully~ safe riDe yo~

afTer LunCh we mOve tO gO baCk
arOund 2.30pm, Abg Din bRing uS thrOugh oLd rOad to gO down tO Guard hOuse Bukit Tinggi. pHeewwwwww~ tHis rOad realLy teSt mY riding sKills~ 
( even iM nOt faster than oThers~ )

befOre we mOve to Tol GomBak~
@ GuaRd hOuse Bukit TingGi~
aT Tol Gombak~
tHanks tO all rider wHo iS parTicipate iN diS riDe~ Our riDe is sO muCh fun~

tHats aLL for da LaSt riDe 2011
tHanKs gOd~