Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NIEW - Ladies Carnival at University Malaya

Ladies Carnival at University Malaya - 27th. Sept. 2011

our Bike~

On 27.Sept.2011, Tuesday. at University Malaya, NIEW - Ladies Carnival. Who is participating in dis event is Mira Yaacob, Yan Joe, Jasni Ruzlin, Emma (BG), Alia, Zaiton, Intan, Ina, Shahida & Me Bunge@Chaya under LBM _ Lady Bikers Malaysia~ Our RV point is at UM close to guard house, n sHud be there at 10.30am~

its Me~


event started at 12.30 to escOrt Dato' Shahrizat go to event venue~

Emma (BG) sign on Ladies Carnival Banner~

NIEW Ladies Carnival~

after that we park our bike n mOve to Hall for Open ceremony. at there on da stage One grOup kOir from University Lim Kok Wing stanby for sing da sOng "woman Of tOmorrOw"~

KoiR frOm stuDent University Lim Kok Wing~

Dato' Shahrizat~

LBM on da sTage sing da sOng of "wOman Of tOmorrOw~"

Woman  Of  TomOrrow~


LaDy Bikers Malaysia~

Lbm is one contributor to tHis Carnival~

LBM on da sTage in News paper of Utusan Malaysion on 28th.Sept.2011

after prOgrams in the hall, we were given cOupons for gOodies bag and have a lunch supplied by the Organizers. tHank yOu~

Kembara Malaysia SAM 2011

Kembara Malaysia (SAM) 15th – 22nd.Sept.2011

On 15th Sept.2011 just pre registratiOn, and check in at Kem Transit MINDEF (Ministry of Defence) . Inspection fOr motorbike shOuld be continue On next day,  because on 1st day in evening is heavy rain.

On 2nd day,  Inspection fOr Our motOrbike by Police & JPJ, got briefing bOut Kembara Malaysia from President SAM Dato’ Halim, Dato’ Zahid Hamidi, Dato’ Razif (Pengarah Logistic), Police n chef Marshall. Also gOt t.shirt (8x) and Jacket (1x) for  the whOle ride.

at Kem Transit MINDEF after briefing~

Me & kak Mira at Kem Transit, InspectiOn for moTorBike~

On 3rd day, 17th.Sept.2011. Kembara Malaysia started at 9am frOm Kuala Lumpur to Lumut. In the jOurney we stop at our 1st  rest venue (RV) at Sekolah Menengah Dato’ Harun,  Kuala Selangor, safely arrived here at 10.10am and after that ride again to 2nd RV at Bagan Datoh tO had lunch here.  At 12pm ride to Lumut and stOp at Manjung for refuel and ride tO Lumut n safely arrived arOund 4pm. Rest n blablabla till Dinner ~

at Sekolah Menengah Dato’ Harun,  Kuala Selangor~

Q plsss~~ for refuel~

On 4th Day, from Lumut go to Perlis and gO to Penang. 1st RV for tOday is Kolej Matrikulasi Arau, Perlis fOr had lunch here. And 2nd RV is Kepala Batas to had dinner here befOre ride to Bay View Hotel at Penang.

breakfast at TLDM Lumut~

at Pangkalan TLDM Lumut~


On the 19th riDe to Kelantan, On tHat day we visit Kem Gerik + Sekolah Menengah Bistari at Jeli, Kelantan + Sekolah Rendah Tendong + and last at MPKB. And after that we ride tO Kem Desa Pahlawan and safely arrived arOund 7.30pm. at night gOt dinner at 9pm n after that we get rest n blalalalala~zzzZZZZzz~

I'm with kak Nuri@Jin Mafia

1st Rest Venue pOint on 19th at Kem Gerik~
Dato' SiTi n Kak Nurul in da sTage~ at MPKB.
On 6th day~ Kelantan gO to Kuantan, our ride gO thru Terengganu. 1st RV is University Kolej Teknologi Bistari Permaisuri, Besut, Terengganu. Then Ride to Dungun, Terengganu fOr Refuel and 2nd RV is at Kompleks Belia & Sukan Kemaman fOr  tea time~ nyum nyum~n cOntinue to ride tO "Briget ke4 Mekanise", safely arrived here arOund 7.30pm. and 9pm we shOuld be at “Dewan Kediaman Menteri Besar Pahang” we had deliciOus dinner here~ yummy~,  here we met local bikers and after that gO back tO take our rest fOr next ride, fOr the next day.   zzzZZZZ~

Alem Hakime from Versys Owner Group~ tHanks fOr ur Help brO~
with "Adeq Amin" bikers frOm Penang~
at “Dewan Kediaman Menteri Besar Pahang” we had delicious dinner here~

wth Bikers at Kuantan, Pahang~

On 21st , from Kuantan go tO Johor Bahru, 1st RV is Kem Mersing / Kem Seri Iskandar . we had lunch here and mOve to  Stadium Perbandaran Pasir Gudang, in Our trip to here is heavy rain, but safely arrived at 6pm. Thanks gOd~ n after that we ride tO The zOne hotel. Here we (Lady Bikers) met Lady Bikers from SinggapOre~ thanks a lot tO all of them coz cOme dOwn to met Lady Bikers Malaysia Of Kembara Malaysia 2011.

dinner wth Lady Bikers frOm SingapOre~ tQs for spOnsOred our dinner~


On 8th day fOr da last day, this mOrning weather is not gOod.  After briefing we start ride tO Bukit Kepong arOund 8.30pm and safely arrived arOund 11pm. After visit we mOve to next  RV pOint at Melaka n ride to Pulapol Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur fOr closing ceremOny n last dinner~ Kembara Malaysia its DONE!! Hoooorahhh~

Bukit KepOng~

Bukit KepOng~
I'm with Police Traffic~

at Melaka~ tQs to Tiang BengkOk for cOme down to met LBM~

I'm wiTh Azman Baharudin + Emma (BG)

Last Dinner at Pusat Latihan Polis Kuala Lumpur~

I'm wth Ma Fwen mOhd Nazri~

LBM with Datin Seri Hamidah Bte Khamis~

Kembara Malaysia 2011 Organised by SAM-Superbike Associate Malaysia is succeed~ cOngratulation~

Monday, 12 September 2011

MAKNA - Celebrate Malaysia Cancer HerOes

11st. September.2011 - MAKNA

Charity RiDe with Makna to cebrate Malaysia Cancer HerOes~ at 2.00pm RV pOint is at Shell Tol sg.Besi of 150 motorBike gathered here.

at Shell Tol Sg.Besi~
at Shell Tol Sg.Besi~
at Kolej Cempaka International Ladys~

 ArOund 4pm at Kojej Cempaka to meet Cancer patients. BefOre riDe to Palace Of The Golden Horses fOr Galla Dinner, we had tea Time and met with patients.  we wenT to next destinatiOn wiTh Cancer Patients as Our piLLion. Our ride arOund 50 kilometers~ Our purpOse is waNna make the Cancer Patients enjOy & happy~Thanks gOd~ Our ride safely arrived and smooth.

we aRe lady Bikers~ frOm left da PicTures iS
Fauziah Latif. Linda Onn. Emma (BG). Mira Yaacob (KD). Jasni RuzLin.
Bunge. Yan Joe. Khai Zabidin n Ruby Adani~

frOm Left iS Arenim. Bunge. Ruby & Deida

it's Me Bunge @ Chaya~
Registration & get oNe T.shirt fOr event~

Arenim Lady Rider with One of  Cancer patients

with Cancer paTients~

I'm wth Makna ExecuTice from Kuala Lipis, Sis Ramlah & my left side is Cancer HerOes~

it's Me in Palaces of The Golden HorSes~

Our artis Fauziah Latif also jOin this event.

waiTing Galla Dinner~

I'm wth bOy~ he is 3yrs old~ cancer paTients (Leukimia)

Chefland~ my Sengal fWen~ hahahaha~ (jgn marah Chef) wth One of cancer paTients~

MAKNA - Majlis Kanser National- 
Celebrate Malaysia Cancer HerOes 2011. 
Event succeed~ Congratulation to Organizer~

~A Meaning to Life~