Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan & Lebuh raya

Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan 
Jalan & Lebuh raya
~Lady Bikers MalaySia~

Hi~ nOt too Late i WiSh HaPpy ChiNese New Year!!! 
Yeay!! iM oSo gOt angpOw ma~ kihkihkih~ 
On Last ThurSday, 19th. I jOined Lady Bikers Malaysia in proGram 
"Majlis Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan & Lebuh raya"
LaDy Bikers jOin iN dis cOnvoY is Me :D, Siti, Alia, YanJoe, Emma, Mira YaacOb, Fauziah Latiff, Diana, ZaitOn, n Lady Biker frOm Jugra Bikers~ & pLus Other Bikers frOm others cLub~
diS haPpened @ HighWay Lebuhraya DamanSara PuchOng (LDP).

Our RV pOint is @ Sunway PyraMid, Subang~ at 11am, tHen we mOve to da EveNt~

Highway Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong(LDP).

Highway Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong(LDP).

we aRe UniTe~

da BeuTyful + KinD + HumbLe ceLebRitiy Sis Gee~

                         beHind siS Gee iS K.Mira PresiDent of LBM~

we LunCh heRe OrgaNize by eVent ManageMent~ after LuNch we mOve tO oUr bike to Get ReaDy fOr miNi cOnvOy 
to Open CeremOny of da EveNt~

MajLis PeLancaRan Kempen KeseLamaTan JaLan & Lebuh Raya~
SiTi nOr Eyres & Alia FahMi~
DiaNa & ZaitOn~ tea tiMe~ eat aGain lor~

We R LaDy BiKers~
FauZiah Latiff wiTh FiRe DepartMent (BOMBA) staff
FauZiah Latiff wiTh Litrak staff
after da Event we mOve tO Subang AveNue fOr cOffee~
blabBlablaBlabLa~wHat? wHy? wHere? Psssttttt~ hahahhahahha~ 
enjOy~ Opss tiMes up~ arOund 6.30pm we mOve gO baCk hOme~ 

tHanks tO Olls PaticipatiOn in Dis Event~ 
EveNt Succeed~