Tuesday, 3 January 2012

LaSt RiDe tO GenTing+Bkt TinGgi Of 2011

Genting+Bkt TinGgi - 31st.Dec.2011

Hi~  HaPpy New Year!! hOpefuLly I gOt mOre LuCk in 2012~ wOoooohOoooo~

Ok, let Me stOry abOut ma Last RiDe tO Genting + Bukit TinGgi on 2011~ its haPpen in LaSt week, 31st Of Dec.2011. Our RV pOint iS at BHP gOmbak at 9.am. Erk!! iM late~ arghhhhhhhhh... waiT~ iM cOming~ 9.30am I mOve to RV pOint n aRrived tHere at 9.45am. pHewww~ 
iM sOrry~ x_x
tHey juSt wait fOr me, iM aRriVed tHen we MoVE to GenTing~

 We gOing up wth 6 mOtorBike 
(Nabil + aBg Fauzi + Mr.Azuna + Abg Duc DeVil + NoTt + Me) n we meEt abg Din n Lya @ cOffee Bean~
phewwww at GenTing sO cOld~
Heyyaaa~ it's Me wTh mY PiNker6n~
Nott AfiZuna wth her Bike BMW F800~
Lya wth Her Ducati TriPple 9~

nOrmaLLy we RiDe heRe juSt on Weekend~ juSt fOr fUn riDe , meet Bikers fWen n haVe BreakfaSt at CofFee Bean~ hehehehehe~ but I love to called "kOpiBin~" ngeeeeeee~
afTer cHit cHat n bLaBlaLalaLaa~ we deciDe waNna riDe tO BuKit TinGgi LeaD by Abg Din. We go theRe fOr Lunch~ But Nabil n Abg Duc Devil not jOined beCauSe got persOnal maTTer to do !st~
iM sO exciTed!!! beCause i gOt cHance riDe wth SeniOr riDer~ tQs~

Man Rider ~
at Golf Club Bukit TingGi~
we aRe LaDy RiDer~

we all saFeLy aRrived heRe~ anyOne love to "layan cOrner" can cOme here~ but carefully~ safe riDe yo~

afTer LunCh we mOve tO gO baCk
arOund 2.30pm, Abg Din bRing uS thrOugh oLd rOad to gO down tO Guard hOuse Bukit Tinggi. pHeewwwwww~ tHis rOad realLy teSt mY riding sKills~ 
( even iM nOt faster than oThers~ )

befOre we mOve to Tol GomBak~
@ GuaRd hOuse Bukit TingGi~
aT Tol Gombak~
tHanks tO all rider wHo iS parTicipate iN diS riDe~ Our riDe is sO muCh fun~

tHats aLL for da LaSt riDe 2011
tHanKs gOd~



  1. Aku still kerja kat Chateau Resort Bukit Tinggi time ko datang. Yang hotel mcm castle depan Colmar Tropicale tu. Kalau gtau nak datang, leh adjust makan pizza kat outlet La Flamme. Pizza situ memang terbaik. Haritu terjumpa Drifter dengan family dia.
    Chidori pun kerja situ time tu. Dia kerja kat horse trail. Dekat2 golf club tu.
    Tapi aku baru berhenti sebab Jan 2012 dapat offer kerja baru :)

  2. Thanks Bungaaaaaa.... Fun reading ur blog,

  3. Van : alamak..xde rejeki nk mkn pizza free lew gayanye..

    Dean : tQs..