Monday, 26 March 2012

Versys Bike Jam 2012~

Versys Bike Jam 2012Versys Bike Jam
Port Dickson, Kompleks Belia Pasir Panjang
17th. March.2012

Hi~ Last week iM jOined Versys Bike Jam at Kompleks Belia Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson.
Here iM attached prOgram duRing da eVent

Program during da Versys Bike Jam 2012 as follows :~
2 pm - Pendaftaran peserta VBJ 2012.

3 pm - Persembahan aksi Kemahiran Pengendalian motosikal berkuasa tinggi.

- Sembang-Sembang Teh Tarik.
- Pertandingan motosikal paling kreatif dan menawan.
- Pertandingan Karaoke.
- Pertandingan Kemahiran Pengendalian Motosikal berkuasa tinggi.
- Gerai jualan peralatan motosikal.

- Program jualan lelongan amal peralatan motosikal oleh rakan VOG utk disumbangkan ke rumah-rumah anak yatim, rumah warga tua dan Sekolah agama Maahad Tahfiz Melaka.

8 pm - Majlis makan malam.

- Persembahan Live Band.
- Cabutan bertuah.

12 am - Majlis selesai.

whO interested tO jOin da DiNner sHud buy Ticket frOm rePresenTatives appOinted frOm VOG members~

2) Package A  RM 100.00 - including diNner, t-Shirt, Lucky dRaws and ResiDential.

3) Package B  RM 80.00   - including diNner, t-sHirt, a Lucky dRaw.

AlthOugh Dis prOgram sPecial fOr Versys motorcycle Owners, but owners of other motorcycles also aRe inVited to the gathering. 
 (copyright from Shawal @ LongMAN)

frOm KL I riDe aLone to RnR SeremBan @ 12.30pm n saFeLy arriVed at RnR Seremban @ 1.30pm

Rnr SeremBan~

Rnr SeremBan~


Rider n Her PiLLiOn~

convOy mOve iN seveRal groups  A, B, C, D, & E. EaCh cOnvoy escOrted by pilOts, marShals & sWeaper ~ da LaST grOup is frOm Penang~ n iM in grOup D~ we mOve frOm RnR Seremban @ 1.30pm n saFelly arriVed @2.30pm~ all cOnvoy safelly arRiVed here~ Alhamdilillah~ tQS gOd~ 
WOW Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ so aMaZing~ haVe a lOt of Versys here~
cOngraTulatiOn VOG~

cOngraTulatiOn VOG~
iM wth "abg James" On my Right n "abg Syed"On ma LeFt~ n Azman do nOt loOk at Camera~

Lady Biker Nazra + Azmaniey~
Q for RegistratiOn~ tQs to VOG fOr Ladys 1St yo~

Riding Gears AccesSories~

mOtOrBike AcceSsOries~

VOGians + PilliOns~
Mc of Da eVent~ Mr Shawal~
hOw to HandLe ur Bike~

tOday iS so hOt!! arOund @ 3.30pm I mOve to Check iN & get ma Rest~ n cOme baCk tOnite fOr DinNer~  \(^.~)/ yeay!!

iM wth IrOn Lady Ms.AreNim~

mC of da Dinner n Organizer of da eVent~ Mr Shawal~

iM wiTs Sis Yan Joe, She RepreSent Two Wheel Garage~

wiTh VOGians~


pResentatiOn from "Seni kebudayaan Negeri sembilan"


VERSYS Owner was HeRe!!
AfTer da diNner & all da eVents dis evening, at about 1.00 am I  baCk to da hOtel ~ 
Versys Bike Jam 2012  successful.
cOnratulatiOn again to Organizer n Versys Owner.

daTs all mY suMmarY of da Event~ enjOy it~ taDaaaaa~