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SoLo riDe to Kuala Terengganu - 28th.January.2014

Ducati Monster of jOurney 2014

SoLo riDe to Kuala Terengganu - 28th.January.2014

Hoollaaaaaaa~ soLo ride to Kuala Terengganu.  ermmm..... iM forgOt wat time I go back, its arOund 10am. not more not less I reach at Shell Temerloh around 11.20am.

Sheel Temerloh for Refuel~

"Bike solo riding is like masturbation - you know what works and you just go for it. Bike group riding is like an orgy without sex - lots of waiting and no one is coming." 
excerpt from the book 'Till The Road Ends'. 
Copy paste Alex Wong

Shell Kemaman~

I tot ma PetrOl very save~ after refuel at Termerloh I do not refuel till Shell Kemaman for Ma mOnster. Ermm nOt bad~ hahhahahhahaha of cOz la SAVE.. 
iM nOt fast riDer~ im sLow & sTeady riDer ok~ 
max speed juSt 170kmh (only at hiway LPT) if not just around 120kmh to 150kmh. (in metropolitan like Kuala Lumpur City,  juSt 90kmh to120kmh)

WooOoohooOoooo safe arrived here around 2.30pm
at McD Dungun for ma Lunch~ 
ermmm Yammeh~

after eat, I start ma jOurney to Chendering, Kuala Terengganu. ma hOmetOwn~ arOund 4.30pm. Safely arrived. Allhamdullah~

continue da next Day~

hooLLaaa iM at Pantai baju buruk just leisure riDe at evening~

at nite TTS wth DST - Desmo Society Terengganu at Pantai Batu BurOk~

& get supprise frOm small grOup Ducati 'tOur Malaysia' cOme tts wth Us (DST) on 29th.January.2014
in Dis piCture iS Farex / Cikgu / Ijai 

TTS at Taita, dis warOng very famOus amOng biker iN Kuala Terengganu.

heeee... & da next mOrning 30th.January.2014, grOup Jelajah Malaysia came to Ma hOuse fOr BreakFaSt~


Lets BreakFaSt~
tQs came to Ma hOuse for BreakfaSt~

Get reaDy to start 'tOur Malaysia' tRip to Kelantan~


Bubui~  riDe safe~ see u soOn~

Dats it fOr dis time, I stay here fOr Long time bcOz I'm jObless


see yOu next stOry "Terengganu Bike Week 2014"


  1. solo ride ada rasa mcm masturbate x? hehe :p

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