Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spyder Can Am - 11st.January.2014

Ducati Monster of jOurney 2014

Ride with Can Am  Spyder - 11st.January.14

Ride wth Spyder CanAm to Awana Genting for BreakFaSt~
tQs to En. Azmi for inviting me to jOin tHem~ Osem ride~

Our Rv on dat Day iS at BHP Karak, like usual la.. hurmm ma OpiniOn to spyDer.. 

Ma opiniOn for Spyder, fast.. not easy to fall, leisure ride, oSemm but nOt for racing ya..  in our grOup have one Spyder rider, He's ride too fast~ wowww~ giler laju~ riDe safe Bro Red Spyder~ hahahaha. 

FurthermOre On dat day it was raining , I cannOt ride fast.. but Spyder riders just relax riDing in slippery rOad cOnditions~ phewwwwww sO muCh coOl~ 
if I have much mOney sure buy One.

EnjOy reading.. sTay tune~

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