Friday, 25 November 2011

3 Nation Charity Ride 2011

3 Nation Charity Ride 2011
18th-20th of November

Hi.. last week I and 2 Ma fWen Ema (BG) & Wana (RL) jOined 3 NatiOn ChariTy RiDe in Melaka on 18th to 20th November 2011 at the Mahkota Hotel. For our riDe, our RV pOint is at RnR Seremban at 8.30am. We had breakFaSt firSt befOre cOntinue riDing. in Our riDe gOt 1 gUys acOmpany our riDe frOm SereMban to Mahkota Hotel~  He iS 
YasSer stOner, tQs beb~

RnR Seremban~

LoOking fOr fOod~


We arRived at MahkoTa Hotel around 12pm, we alSo cOme early to cHeck-in AppaRtMent for us. RegistratiOn start frOm 10am - 4pm. But we aRe disappOinted bCoz OrgaNizer ask we olls cOme back aT 4pm. Actually both of us, I & Wana paid alReady, juSt Ema pay on 18th, yeap~ last registraTiOn iS on 18th :). Registration Fee is RM150 per person or Thai Baht 1,500 and includes two Ride T-shirts, 3NCR sticker, souvenir, Welcome Street Carnival Dinner on Friday 18th November & Grand Charity Dinner on 19th November.

M wiTh YasSer~ nGeeeeeeee~

After cHeck-in and waiTing YasSer finished Friday pRayers, we olls going out loOking fOr fOod around Mahkota Hotel area~ afTer eaTing we strOll oN da Mall and cLoSe to 4pm we returned to Mahkota Hotel to get Our gOodies bag. Aarghhhhhh~ a bit tenSiOn lol~ we shud come baCk at 7.30pm... :( sigh~~ so.. befOre waiting Street Carnival Dinner at 8pm, we go baCk to Our rOom to get reSt.
zZZzzzzZZZ blabllablalalblaazzZZZzzzZZZzzzz~
yeah.. time to gO dOwn to get our gOodies bag and aT da saMe tiMe ma fWen wanNa go back to KL, tQs YasSer have been our bOdyGuard~ owh NO!! we aRe disappOinted again n again~ (sigh) still can'T get our gOoDies bag, and sHud come back at 9pm. tHen we move to Street Carnival Dinner~

wiTh SingapOre Bikers~

Gelang for Street Carnival Dinner~

at Street Carnival Dinner~ DinNer succed~

after da diNner we baCk to Hotel to get our goOdies bag at 9pm but we shud waiting till 11.30pm.. dOnt knOw wat tO say hOw Organizer manage tHis event~ :) for Me... its FAILED. afTer get our GooDies Bag we move to da roOm to get rest fOr tOmOrrow activities~


On da 19th.November.2011, befOre going down to get our BreakFast~
wtH SingapOre Bikers~

3 gOjes LaDy Bikers~

wTh Che Mat Kawasaki~

after finish breakFast we mOve to get Ready for Charity RiDe 3 NatiOn to Tanjung Keling aT Melaka Club for Main activity.

tHe gOjes lady frOm backSide~ Wana Saari (RL)
pHewwwitttt~ gOJes LaDy on heR Bike~ Emma (BG)
it'S Me~ :)
PinKyRiDer on tHe Bike~
TanJung KLing~ at Melaka Club~
Wana (RL) & Emma (BG)~

sPeech frOm One of the orGaniZers~

arOund 3pm we RiDe back tO da Mahkota Hotel to next acTivity, but attendance iS nOt cOmpulsOry~ sO... its time  tO Get sLeep~ yeah!!! zzzzZZZzzz. 
at 7.30pm we gO dOwn to attend AffiCial Dinner Charity RiDe 3 Nation~

aT fOrmal DiNing HaLL~
we aRe LaDy Bikers~
it'S Me~
befOre we Seat at da tabLe~ Wana called Mr.Siva 1st to ask him bout our table, fOr surely.. coZ all table is under cLub, but we all joined as individual, Mr Siva tOld Wana we seat at table SBMC, n wat I saw just gOt 2 table fOr SBMC, Vip-1 and VIP-2. Im asking Wana maNy times suRe or nOt we Seat at table Vip. A few minute One of a orGaniser ask we all move frOm da tabLe~ owh nO!! wHat happen man!! where sHud we go?? Ggrrrrrr~~ after discusSiOn we seat baCk, but We had no mOod for dinner again~ We LoOk like trOuble maker~ pHeww~ wHat sHud I dO??? huhuhuhuu~ I and Ema go dOwn to get Dinner at da HoTel Cafe, Wana repreSent uS unTil dinner is cOmplete~
so wat da cOncLuSiOn fOr eVent maNageMent??

Smile~ (seeeeeeeeeeeeenyum x kata apa-apa) :)

gOod thing Wat I get frOm this event iS.. I got mOre bikers fRiend and riDe is fun~
PaSsiOn tO riDe babeh~ yeah!!~

20th.November iS Last Day we aRe here~ after tHe BreakFast we check-Out n get ReaDy to gO baCk tO Kuala Lumpur, aNd aT da saMe tiMe, 3 SingapOre Bikers follow us tO KuaLa Lumpur. tHanks gOd~ oUr Ride is safeLy+smOoth, we aRe safeLy at hOme~ 

{RandOm suMmaRy}



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