Monday, 14 November 2011

Day Ride Rentas Desa

Day Ride Rentas Desa VOG
KL-Bidor-Teluk Intan-Teluk Batik,Lumut Jelapang,Ipoh-KL

          On 12nd.Nov.2011 Saturday, I have jOin Day Ride Rentas Desa with Versys Owner grOup to KL - Bidor - Teluk Intan - Teluk Batik, Lumut - Jelapang, Ipoh - KL. Our Rv time is 7am at RnR Sg.Buluh and ready tO move arOund 8.30am. Total participation in Dis cOnvOy is 42 motorbike include 9 motorbike from nOrth~

R&R Jejantas Sg.Buloh

at Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Salim at BIDOR

Arrived safeLy eVen heaVy rain alOng the way, 10.30am at BidOr for Rest Venue and get Brfast to anyOne there's no time at Rv point~

at BidOr Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Salim~

 after get kopi-kOpi, we riDe to Menara CondOng at Teluk Intan.
 Erk! bad news along the way to Da pOint, a Versys involved in accidents due to negligence of a truck. Rider in good condition, but hiS motorBike is not gOod~ tHanks god cOz mY fRiends safe~

We arRived here at 1.04pm. Here is TiMe fOr sNap Our piCtures~ hOoyeah~ =))

Menara CondOng at TeLuk Intan~

we aRe Bikers~ yeah~

it's Me :)~

we wth One of Bikers frOm Rusia~
 after sNap piCtures & Blablablaaa~ around 2pm we RiDe to Teluk Batik fOr have LunCh befOre we mOve to Jelapang Ipoh for atTend Kenduri Akikah ones of members VOG~ he iS Hakims HajiMe~ we aRrived there at 5.30pm~ time to eat again aNd again~

 Hajime hOuse at Jelapang, Ipoh~

At Hakims Hajime hOuse, we oSo Meet 9 motOrBike VOG northen come join us~ chit chat n blablabla again n again~ at 6.30pm iT is tiMe to gO back~ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ n next Rv pOint befOre back to hOme is RnR Ulu Bernam~

Me wth Sis Azuna Wahab~

we ArRived here arOund 8.00pm~ and Get some dRink + fOod. Chit chat abOut moTorBike n riDing n blablabla~ Ooppsss~ tiMes up shud gO baCk~ :D

tHank gOd~ ouR riDe  iS so Fun + Best  + smOoth~ aNd thanks a lot to Chor + Ayie + Mazlan to Be our MarShal in dis cOnvoy.  DaTs all My RepOrt fOr Dis cOnvoy~
we want riDe aGain~ hOoooyeahhhh~



  1. caya lah sis......from wajaviva

  2. congrats.. best...feels so frustrated coz unable to join u in this ride....maybe some other time..

  3. tQs~

    Kudin, next time shud plan again~