Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Goddess Ride tO BetOng

Goddess Ride tO BetOng

Hi.. I'm back fOr my Latest riDe.., Last week I and twO ma fwen Siti n Wana going tO Betong, Thailand. cOz of dOnt knOw hOw tO gO there we all foLLow Pak Ya n his fWen bRo khalid n bro Saiful. Our RV pOint is at RnR Rawang at 8am, and move at 8.30am wth 5 motorbike coz bRo Saiful haVe been bro Khalid pilliOn. Ops~ plus 1 motorBike riDe wth us till Tanjung Malim, tQs Yasser~ 


Petronas Tapah~

LaDy RiDer~

2nd neXt stOp for Refuel is at PetrOnas Tapah, we riDe again fOr next reFuel at Caltex Gerik . Bcoz Of raining Day~ we stop tO keep Our passpOrt, n I keep mine in siti's bag . Siti ask me, " yOur mptOrBike Grants ? ". Owh my GOD!!! I'm fOrgOt to bRing it, adOyai~ but we riDe 1st till Gerik . wHile I'm On da Bike to GeRik everyThing I think hOw to get it~ huRmm~ iM sO sad~~ :( sigh~

Caltex Petrol Pump StatiOn - Gerik~
My PinkER6n~

I tOld tHem if gOt fax macHine I can geT mY gRants . tHanks gOd~ at Caltex Pump PetrOl got fax macHine, Pak Ya get fax nO. for Me, so I gOt chance gO to BetOng~ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ so I called Mok Motor to fax my motorBike Grants, thanks to Mok Motor n da Owner of CalTex Gerik . tHanks gOd~ I beLieve yOu alWays wth Me~ After get my mOtorBike Grants n reFuel, we cOntinue riDe to BetOng .

iM here!!
SiTi Nor Eyres~

bLabLabla~ settLed wth imigRatiOn we riDe to BetOng and search neW sim CarD fOr telePhOne no. bcOz here nO rOaming for HphOne, so we sHud haVe neW No. . afTer Get it we mOve tO cheCk in at River Inn Resort~ we sTay here fOr 3 days 2 niTe . afTer have Lunch, we Lady Rider back tO resOrt fOr Rent kapChai tO ride in Betong tOwn, yeap~ wth kapChai its mOre eaSy tHan we riDe Our motOrBike~

hahahhaha~ I feel we aRe cute wth dis HeLmet~ ngeeee~
Nice pLace~

afTer riDe seeing BetOng tOwn, we mOve to marKet fOr loOking sOmething we Can Buy . Nanannana~ Opss we Met KL Bikers here~ huhuhu~ tHen we have dRink n cHit chat fOr a while befOre riDe back to resOrt . At nite we had Dinner at RestauRant "Tuan-Tuan" oppOsite da marKet~ pHewww I LOVE mY diNner, veRy deLiciOus~ YmMy~~  FiniSh da dinNer we baCk tO resOrt~ GoOd Night~


On da 2nd day~ arOund 9am we haVe BreakFast . afTer BreakFast Pak Ya inviTe us tO jOin tHem viSit "Kubu Komunis" and "hOt sPring" WOW weeeeeeeee~ nice pLace yOu shOuld go tOo~

On Tut-Tut~

at EntRance "Kubu KomuNis"~

place to prOcess cOal.
piNk its me, PurpLe is Siti & YellOw is Wana (RL)


iM hunGry~ nGeeee~

HistOry oF KomuNis~

HistOry oF KomuNis~

hOt sPring~

afTer visiTing inTeresTing pLaces, we gO tO da market fOr lunch. tHen, all Of tHem back tO resOrt for a reSt, but I & Siti still Outside lOoking fOr sOmeThing inTeresting & waNt a maSsage, Yeaaaah!! fOr wat I'm here if nOt bOdy maSsage~ ngeeeeeeee~ tHen gOing tO saLoOn fOr wasHing oUr haiR~ aNd Siti waNna do sOmetHing inTo her haiR . BefOre Siti's hair finiSh I went Out da stReets, Ops ~ I mEt bikers frOm Malaysia aGain ~ huhuhuhuhu~ "kantOi"~ :p . arOund 8.30pm we gO bacK to take Our diNner~ blablablalalblaabla~ bedTiMe zZzzZZZzzZZZzzzZZZzzzz~



oN 28th, befOre gO baCk we haVe BreakFaSt fiRst then mOve arOund 10.30am. At Thai ImigRaTiOn is at 10.45am, Blablablablaalalablaa~ we staRt riDe 11am~ next stOp fOr reFuel is Petronas Gerik~

we wiLL MiSs BetOng~
Weeee~ we R heRe~
FiniSh refuel at GeRik we cOntinue riDe aGain to neXt stOp RnR Tapah fOr take LunCh & cOffee~ 
shalalala~ blablablabla~ sHalalala~ fOr neXt stOp is RnR JejanTas Sg.BuLoh~  on the way back to sg.Buloh, we buMped inTo two Lady Bikers on da road~ aT LaSt we Met at Last pOint RnR Sg.BuLoh.

RnR Sg.BuLoh~
We aRe Lady Bikers~

WoW!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ 
we haVe dOne~ our Ride smOoth n all safeLy aRrived hOme~ tHanks gOd~
Ride SuCceed~

end~ @>~


  1. yo most welcome.xcelent keep writing....dear..tq-yasserstoner

  2. tQs Dear Yasser~

    Zul ~ Ride kawan2 jek~ :) hehehe~

  3. cayalah sis! Mmg best ride dgn kwn2 camni

  4. lain kali kalau tak tau nak gi mana hello2 la gua.

  5. thxs babe baru dapat baca.. dah lama xmasuk opis.. nice story and thumbs up.. muach3x