Sunday, 30 October 2011

riDe BreakFast to Pau Yik Mun, Tg.MaLim~

riDe BreakFast to Pau Yik Mun, Tg.MaLim~
wiTh Pie'Lang Bikers

Last weekEnd I haVe planned tO Day ride sOmewhere, so I chOose tO ride with Pie'Lang Bikers tO Pau Yik Mun, Tg.Malim fOr Breakfast. Rv time iS at 8am n start tO ride iS at 9am. Ooppssss sOwwy my Dear Pie'Langians~ fOr my late X_X erk!!
we mOved at 9.15am.

Pau Yik Mun, we arrived here at 10am
Pie'Lang Bikers~

My BreakFast~ pau+hot miLo~

Pie'Lang SuppOrter~
we aRe Pie'Lang Bikers~

Peace nO war!!!

get ReaDy to gO back~

afTer had breakFast, at 12pm we Get reaDy tO go baCk~ Dis tiMe is fRee RiDe~
 Our cOnvoy iS safe + smOoth~ saffelly arriVed hOme~ tHanks gOd~


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