Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ride Kawasaki CBU 2011

16th - 18th.December.2011
Shah Alam (kawasaki Glenmarie) - Johor Bahru 
- Rompin - Kuala Lumpur

Heyyaaa~ i'm baCk for my stOry mOry bOut Ma Ride wth Kawasaki CBU 2011, iTs HapPen 3 days 2 niTe, diS tRip sTart frOm 16-18th of December laSt week~ pHeeewwww~ juSt OnLy me Lady RiDer on Dis tRip~ WOooHOooo~ Let'S started~

Kawasaki Glenmarie~
firSt day iS 16th, at 7am reGistratiOn at Kawasaki GlenMarie, aNd BrieFing at 8am, n tHen sHud move at 8.30am. pHeeww~ I'm late, i'm arriVed here arOund 8.15am~ tHanks gOd, mY Luck Briefings Did nOt staRt aGain. hehehhehhehehe~ I was abLe tO sNap picTure, pay Fees and breakFast ~ wOooohOooooo~

Briefing B4 cOnvoy ~

PetrOnas Ayer KerOh~ I'm wth Kak Fai'Za~

 tOtaL of motOrBike jOined diS cOnvoy was 32 BiKe. Briefing beGins at 9am & the cOnvoy mOved arOund 9.30am tO Ayer KeOh for refueL. we aRrived at PetrOnas Ayer KerOh arOund 10.42am. aFter reFuel we mOve to RnR MacHap~ cOnvoy aRived at RnR MacHap at 12pm, we stOp heRe for 2 hOurs fOr Lunch n Prayers. at 2pm cOnvoy mOve to JB, Last Venue fOr toDay~ cOnvoy safely aRrived at 
PariSs Hotel at 2.45pm. Free n eaSy till tOmoRrOw mOrning~

RnR MacHap~

RnR MacHap~

saFelly aRriVed at JB~ PaRiss Hotel~
Ngeeeeeeeeeeeee~ iM Bunge~
peTang da Hujan~
hi... mOrning~ hehehehehe.. juSt imaGine Im On dat day~ :p
ok.. ok.., on da 2nd day after bReakfaSt, befOre riDe we gOt brieFing aGain. brieFing empHasizeD da parTicipants nOt to inTerceptiOn over da piLot Of cOnvoy. tOday cOnvOy riDe to RomPin, we mOve arOund 9.30am. fOr Lunch we stOp aT MerSing arOund 12.19pm. after dat we mOve to Our destinatiOn at 1pm n safely aRriVed at Rompin BeaCh ResOrt at 2pm~ cOnvoy safe + smOOth~ tHanks gOd~

BrieFing On 2nd Day~

BrieFing On 2nd Day~

Che Mat~ iN white sHirt shOrt sLeeve~

Insp. Zali iN bLue sHirt~

safeLy arriVed at MerSing fOr Lunch~

stOp here fOr LunCh~

safeLy arriVed at Rompin~

RomPin Beach ResOrt~
I'm wth Isnp. Sazali~
pOsing tiMe~

 still early to waiTing OffiCial Dinner at 8pm~ sO tidO time larh~ zzZZZzzz~
My rOom at Rompin BeaCh resOrt~ sharing wth adek Yana~

after geT Ma reSt~ tiMe to cLose fOr dinner, sO geT reaDy!!~

OffiCial Dinner RiDe Kawasaki CBU 2011
Ladies On da cOnvOy~

1st gaMe~

My Identity Card on da ConvOy~ n Cap for 2nd game in offiCial Dinner~

Kawasaki Ninja Riders~

on da leFt is Sis Faiza~ Me n Adek Yana On my RiGht~

afTer da Dinner~ I aNd adek Yana baCk to Da rOom for get ReSt, tOmOrrOw iS a Last Day for Ride  Kawasaki CBU 2011. GudNite Peeps~ zzzzZZZZZ~
 On 18th.Dec.2011~  tOday is the Last day Of ride Kawasaki CBU, I feel sO Sad (",) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Oopsss nObody knOw iM cRying, cOz iM crYing inSiDe. Dis mOrning HeaVy RaiN~ but stOp wHen da cOnvoy get ReaDy to RiDe to RnR TemerLoh at 10.30am~ Yeah!!~

Get ReaDy to RiDe~


Hi... mOrning~
saFely aRRived at RnR TemerLoh for Lunch~ at 1.10pm~

afTer Lunch we RiDe to RnR GenTing Sempah for da Last pOrt or end Of the cOnvoy~ Our RiDe safeLy arriVed at RnR Genting Sempah arOund 3.15pm. Alhamdulillah~ our cOnvoy safe aNd smOoth~


iM wth Sis Fai'Za~

iM wiTh Lengcai ma~ (lengcai mean handsome)

iM wiTh SaliHin jOurNaList fReelance fOr NST+Berita HaRian+Bike TraDer~

wiTh Che Mat Kawasaki~ (Y he lOok sO sad??)

we aRe Bikes+RiDers

LaSt sPeeCh frOm Che Mat~


LaSt sPeech frOm Insp. SazaLi~

LaSt speecH frOm RebOnd @ Azizi (he's happening guy)

tHanks gOd~ Ride Kawasaki CBU 2011 succeed~ 
aNd maNy tHanks to PoLice Traffic, Marshall aNd all whO iS ParticipaTe in Dis cOnvoy~ 
tadaaaa~ See ya~