Tuesday, 21 February 2012

RiDe Vespa - Asam Pedas Melaka

Ride Asam Pedas Melaka
MiSs V PiNk & da Gangzz~

Hi~ miSs ma bLog sO much~ MMmmmmmmuuuaahhhhhhhhhh!!!
Dis ma fiRst riDe on Dis February n ma FirSt riDe wiTh MiSs V Pink~ yeay!!! Lets me stOry ya~

Bike parTicipate in diS cOnvoy is Vespa Lx150+ Vespa GTV 200 + Vespa GTS300 + Liberty 150 +
Gilera + FuaCo & Apprillia~

here iM atTach Ride sHeduLe~ frOm Organizer~
• 7.00 a.m – Ketibaan vesparian di Showroom Vespa Kota Damansara, Sarapan pagi.
• 8.00 a.m - Vesparian bertolak ke KFC Tol Sg. Besi untuk menjemput vesparian yang tunggu di sana.

• 8.30 a.m – Tiba di Tol Sg. Besi , isi minyak dan jemput vesparian yang selebihnya.
• 8.45 a.m – Bertolak terus ke Port Dickson.

• 9.30 a.m – Tiba di Port Dickson, berehat, sesi fotografi di Teluk Kemang dan isi minyak
• 10.30 a.m – Bertolak terus ke Melaka

• 11.45 p.m – Tiba di Kota A Famosa Melaka,isi minyak berehat dan sesi fotografi di Bandar Hilir
• 12.30 p.m – Bertolak ke kedai makan dan makan tengah hari

• 1.30 p.m – Bertolak ke tempat-tempat menarik di Melaka . RIVER CRUISE, THE SHIP, KAMPUNG MORTEN. (HEAD BY ROSLY)
• 5.00 p.m – Bertolak ke JONKER WALK

• 5.20 p.m – Tiba di JONKER WALK dan makan malam di ASAM PEDAS CLAY PORT
• 8.00 p.m – Isi minyak bertolak balik ke KUALA LUMPUR melalui jalan lebuh raya.

• 9.00 p.m – Isi minyak di stesen minyak RnR
• 9.30 p.m – Berhenti di Tol Sg. Besi untuk Vesparian yang mahu balik dari situ.
• 10.00 p.m – Check point terakhir di KAMPUNG BARU
On 19th, in Dis mOrning is Raining~ but itS nOt biG deal fOr Me~ i gOt RainCoat~ Yesszaaaaa~ @ 8am I riDe frOm ma hOuSe to Rv pOint KFC Tol Sg.Besi~ n arrived @ 8.30am~ I tOt iM late~ but... hehehehe~ Our members frOm RV pOint Kota Damansara still stUck at tHere coz of Raining~ sMiLe~ :)

we r waiTing our fWens frOm kOta DamanSara~
 b4 waiting ma fWen arriVed here~ iM bReakFast fiRst~ n cHit cHat with fWen whO was OreDy here~
 lalallallaa~ bLablabLablaBla~ i gOt sMs froM Organizer them late cOz of Raining n them appologize tO uS whO was here earLy~ aNd arOund 10am, tHem arriVed tHen we moVe to Teluk Kemang~

ReaDy tO mOve after Refuel~
Yeah!! iM reaDy to RiDe~

At 10.15am we Ride to Teluk Kemang & safely arriVed @ 11.30am. tHanks GOD~ Alhamdulillah~

SafeLy arriVed @ Teluk Kemang~
MiSs V PiNk was Here~
LaDy Bikers of VespaRianss~

At 12.30pm afTer have dRink+BlabLabLaBlabla~ aNd shOpPing~ we Get reaDy to RiDe to Melaka for Asam Pedas~ Yeay!!
Let's riDe yO~

phewwww~ laju tol la aDek2 Vespa ni~ x terkojar den layan Corner~

waiTing ~ tOday is sO HOT!!~

Hahhahahhaha dis ride is so FUN~ u knOw wHy~, coz i sHud sPeed faster to foLLow PrO Vespa rider in cornering~ phew~~ iM just faster in sTraigh way~ but nOt in cOrneRing. BeCause Of sOme riders speed off, the cOnvoy split in twO~ tHen da Fast FuriOus grOup was LOST~ huhuhuhuhu~ doNno where da true Way shud we gO~ tHen we deCided tO cOntinue to Malacca, and Meet sOme convOy @ there~

Melaka tOwn~

hv iCe kacang + CenDol 1st~ tOday iS hOt!!~

ArOund 2pm FaSt fuRiOs grOup arrived at Melaka tOwn & met sOme of cOnvoy, befOre we gO fOr Lunch, we have "ice kacang + cendOl" firSt~ then @ 3pm we mOve tO Asam Pedas shOp, 
(aRrange by Robin hOod, Melaka Rider~ tQs fOr yOur helped)

@ Asam Pedas shOp~
we gO baCk fiRst~

we gO baCk fiRst~

 after fiNish haVe Lunch~ tiMe @ 4pm, sOme of Rider shud gO baCk FirSt~ (incluDed me :p) cOnvoy SucCeed~ tQs a Lot to NAZA for spOnsor Our Lunch + iCe kacang/CendOl~ 
n all whO parTicipate iN diS cOnvOy~ Yeah!!!~ 
cOnvOy safelly + smOoth~ lead by Marshall~ tQs aGain~

Generally ConvOy Succeed~



  1. my EngLish iS nOt gud~ cOrrect me if iM wrOng~
    enjOy~ \(~.^)/ yeay!!~

  2. enjoy the ride...brapa jauh agaknya yer. Ride paling jauh dgn my krimy nie. :)

  3. arOund 300kmh i tot~ not more not leSs~

  4. Warna pink dan berbunga..semestinya milik Bunga.

  5. hehehehe~ tQs sis Mah~
    org dah tau tradeMark Bunge kn~ tQs~

  6. cik bunge, how many bikes u actually own?