Sunday, 11 March 2012

East cOast Bikers Gathering~

EaSt cOast Bikers Gathering
Seri Malaysia Kuantan + Sg. Lembing 
24th-25th. February. 2012

HoOOoooLaaa~  \(~.^)/  iM baCk fOr Ma Latest riDe on February, soWwy fOr da Late pOst~ ok~ Ok~ let me staRt, tHis eVent start On 24th-25th, and on 24th juSt fOr RegistRatiOn~ 

Im riDe frOm Kuala Lumpur On eveNing 24th at 4.30pm, n stop at BHP gombak for Refuel & tHen mOve to RnR TeMerLoh. Safely arriVed there at 5.30pm, haVe soMe coffee n "iKan Patin"~ YUPss~ what fOr if  iM here and nOt eating iKan patin iS it~ beCause Temerloh famOus with "iKan Patin Masak Tempoyak", it was delicious~ yuMMmmy~

arOund at 6pm iM ride tO Seri Malaysia, Kuantan n SafeLy arriVed at 7.30pm~ Yeah!! \(^.~)/ finaLLy~

Seri Malaysia, Kuantan~

with dear Sista Emma & Sista JuaiNee~

n da White shirt from da Left is aDek Wanie~

here i get Ma gOodies bag fOr dis eVent n tHen cHeck in for 3 days 2 night~ befOre gO to da rOom~ I n fWen having sOme of cOffee n cHit cHat n BlabLablaBlabLa~ afTer dat I go tO ma rOom to get reSt + shOwer cOz after Dis i WanNa gO Out fOr DiNner~ Yeay!!  \(^.^)/
fiNish for *diNe* i go baCk tO ma rOom to get Ma ReSt~ tonite I sLeep wth Sis JuaAinee~ actually im sHaring wth Sis Emma~ But she gO baCk to her hOuse~ yaaa.. maybe its mOre cOmfortable~
GudNite yOoooozzzZZZZzzzzz~

iN da mOrning on 25th~ I sHud wake Up earLy~ coz BrieFing for cOnvoy to Sg.Lembing is at 8am~ at 7am iM ready tO get BreakfaSt wTh ma Fwen~

da LaDies~

cOnvoy Briefing ~

Briefing cOnvoy~

After bRiefing & Prayer; at 9.40am we Ride iN cOnvoy tO Sg. Lembing fOr East cOaSt Bikers Gathering~
and SafeLy arriVed tHere at 10.45am~

@ Sg. Lembing~

da Banner Of da eVent~
Aunty Alison & UncLe Shamsudin~

afTer arriVal, all parTiciPants are weLcOme to sit under canOpy dat had Been maDe reaDy~ but iM nOt.. I haVe  mOve to da fOod cOurt to take a Break befOre I saw Da Bikers TeleMatch ~ Here I have spOken tO a cOuple liVed here sinCe 1948~ WOW~ its sO intereSting to Me to Hear wat tHeir stOries. tHis cOupLe is Aunty Alison or more GlamOur wth KalsOm is 74 yearS oLd, n Her HusBand is UncLe Shamsudin is 79 yeaRs Old~
 not tOo Much Dat stOry toLd by them ~ wat I kNew they DONT LIKE COMMUNIST~ violence Occur if the insTructiOns Or reQuirements are nOt met. And Sg. Lembing iS Da DeepeSt tin miNes in Southeast Asia is very interesting ~! After cHit cHat, iM away tO sEe Telemacth betWeen Bikers~

Let we See da TeleMatch~

get reaDy!! - firSt TeleMacth is a LaTe CycLing~

firSt TeleMacth is a LaTe CycLing~

2nd TeleMatch is a ...... x-X erk~~ donNo wat iS~

2nd TeLemaTch~

Maniey'S soLdier~

During da secOnd spOrt, I saw Ma Bikers fRiends frOm Kuala Lumpur arrived, and I gO to welcOme their aRrival.

Bikers frOm Kuala Lumpur~
frOm da Left is a Nurul~ ChefLand~ Bunge~Nazrah Pinky n her Husband~

after cHit cHat wth tHem~ I go baCk to da GaMes~
tOday is sOoooooooo HOT~ aiyOoo~~ sO I make deCisiOn to go baCk earLy~ wth sOme Bikers frOM KLBC n then sepRated at Gambang, n I mOve to Hotel Seri MaLaysia by MySelf~ Safely arriVed @ hotel~ Alhamdulillah~ then I get myRest ~ ZzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz~

@ Da eVening I wakeUp cOz gOt caLLed frOm my fWen -Kuala Trengganu~ Yeay!!  \(~.^)/  her bRing "KepOk LekOr" fOr Me~ but I need to gO to the hotel, wHere they sTay iN KuanTan, n I go tHere to eat mY OrDer ~ "KepOk LekOr"~~ tQs tO Ja + Ku Mir + AreFiZzz ~

afTer enjOying  "kepOk lekOr", I was back tO da Seri MalaySia hOtel to atteNd the Official Dinner.
Overall, EveNt suCcessful, CongRatulatiOns tO the Samurai 7 fOr SuccessfuLLy Organise the East cOast Bikers Gathering~

Lady BiKers~
PresentatiOn duRing DinNer~
afTer da diNner I gO baCk tO ma rOom tO get myRest, cOz tomOrrow I sHud ride to KualaLumpur aLone~ soLo riDe, need eNuf Rest~ ZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzz~

Hi~ gUd mOrning Kuantan~ after check Out n breakFast~ its tiMe to me, Get ReaDy to RiDe~ arOund 10.30am I mOve frOm Kuantan~

26th of Feb @ Seri MalaySia, Kuantan~

iM reaDy to Ride~

frOm Kuantan I juSt stOp at RnR temerloh for " Ikan Patin" then move to KL around 12pm, tHanks gOd~ iM saFelly arriVed hOme @ 1.30pm~ yeah.. my RiDe smOoth + Safe~



  1. tQs for suppOrt my bLog~ correct me if iM wrOng~ :)

    1. event ni mmg best.. thanks kak ema :-)
      paling best part beg kene curik, time tu kak munger larik jauh2..

  2. memang berani giler adik sorang ni..pegi dan balik sorang2...laju plak tu...hehhehe....

  3. nurul:~ ingatkn ular ke~ jengking ke~ haiyoooo~ larik dulu la~~ kekekekkeee~
    Nazrah:~ mana ada laju sis laju skit je dr akak~ akak pn slow bersebab kn~

  4. Replies
    1. thx bunge for da support dis event...mabelezzzz

  5. Hiii.
    Suka ur bike! Suka pink sgt2.
    No wonder i sgt familiar wif ur bike, las year moto gp,
    Konvoi kawasaki. I follow my bf.

  6. assalamuaalaikum
    saya ada pada malam persembahan

    anyway selamat berkenalan S7


  7. aida~ tQs for love ma bike~

    comel~ slamat berkenalan~