Friday, 4 May 2012

PiNker6n OverLander frOm KL-Hatyai-Phuket-Krabi-Penang-KL

PinKy riDe to Hatyai-Phuket-Krabi
27th.April - 03th.May.2012

Hi olls ma followers~ iM back to wRite ma latest riDe~ 
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ \(~.~)/ 
actually dis ride Last minute for "Ang Kor Watt" Cambodia, but last minute oSo I got wOrk schedule~ shud be in KL on 4th of May~ sO sad~ (@.@) . coz of its plan oredi~ iM still prOceed to riDe somewhere~ so~ Dis ma RiDe~ Weeeeeee~~

Ma riDe started frOm 27th of April, Friday, 9am frOm KL. get Bfast n refuel aT RnR Sg. BulOh n mOve to next Refuel @ PetrOnas Tapah~ tHen riDe to Caltex Gurun fOr refuel, further more beside Caltex can dO Insuran and gOt mOney Changer~ but dispOinted~ its cLose~ tHen we mOve to Chanlung to dO Dat n Get our Lunch @ tHere~ tHen iM crOss da bOarDer~

Ooopss eVerybOdy asking wth whOm I gO rite~ Hahhahaha~ Dat seCret~ Enuf I call My Sifu OverLander~

PetrOnas Tapah~

BuBui Malaysia~

Sadao Boundary Imigresen~

after crOss da bOarder ImigratiOn~ we mOve to Hatyai to Overnite b4 da neXt mOrning mOve tO Patong, pHuket.

iM wearing riDing bOot coz fOgot tO bring sandLe~

@ Hamid RestauraNt fOr diNner~ Hatyai~

on 28th, Saturday~ earLy iN da mOrning get ReaDy to riDe to Phuket~
Yeay \(~.^)/

frOm Hatyai go to Phuket we riDe go thRu PhattaLung -Trang - Khlong Tomh - Phan Nga - tHen Patong, Phuket~ safely arrive here @ 5.00pm~

PiNk Egg at Khong Tomh~

im wth Rusli staff Caltex at Krabi, can speak "Kelate" frOm Narathiwat@Siam~

PiNker6n Was Here~

Sarasin Brige~

Sarasin Brige~
Yeay!!  \(^.~)/   PiNker6n was Here

then iM check in + dinner + shoping + go back to reSt fOr ma next trip tO "Koh Phi Phi"  yeay!! \(~.^)/  .

early in da mOrning 29th.April, after breaFast iM reaDy to neXt jOurney~ nOt by Bike but by bOat~ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ da ticket fOr dis trip is RM150/pax.

iM ready tO "Koh Phi Phi"~
Koh Phi Phi~

Koh Phi Phi~

Buffet Lunch rm20/pax~

mOcha Latte tiMe~

dis evening plan want tO gO to Maya Bay + Monkey Beack + Laguna~ wow weeeeee~ im so eXcited~
but~ sO sad~ dis Evening Heavy Rain~ n shud pOstpOne tomorrOw mOrning~


on 30th April~ yess dis mOrning gOod weatHer~

from Koh Phi Phi~
waaaaaaaaaaaa~ iM a bit afraid when a boat hit the waves!

On da Way to Maya Bay~
Maya Bay, Krabi~

Maya Bay~



after bathing in Maya Bay, and tHen mOve to Laguna & then Monkey beach befOre returning to Koh Phi Phi. @12.30pm iM get Ready to go Back to Phuket~ n @ 3.30pm safely arrived Patong, Phuket.

after dat I tOok ma tHing left at the HRC hOtel then mOve to da Bliss hotel to check in, since it was dark tO continue riDe tO Krabi~ @ nite I n Ma fWen gOing to "Ping pOng shOw" Eeerk!!~ I wOnt stOry here~ if yOu wanNa knOw~ yOu go by UrSelf~ x_X~

On 1st May~ dis mOrning I wake up late~ hOw nice enOugh sleep. iM check Out at 12.30pm then mOve to get lunch. Ma friends bring me tO an interesting place, with great brunch fried chicken + 'nasi pulut'~ very tasty. After Dat we cOntinue to RiDe to Krabi. iN the jOurNey my friends stOpped at the mall, very interesting~ price reasOnable~ & I'm "terjebakkkkk". hahahhahahhahaha ~

frOm pHuket to Krabi by pass Phang Nga, we aRe safelly arrived at Krabi arOund 5.30pm. iM check in at Ananta Burin ResOrt, Krabi~

Ao Nang, Krabi~
LoSs of StRess~
ma Feet aGain~ hahahhahaa~
Afer a walk, befOre returning tO the rOom, we have dinner first~


On 2nd of May, is da Last day im iN Thailand~ time too shOrt~ arghhhhhh~ I will cOme aGain fOr ma  neXt Trip~ yess~ I WiLL~ after get BreakFast~ arOund 10am we mOve tO go Back~

Hi~ yOu want cOffee??~
iM reaDy tO riDe BaCk~

Wang Kelian~

frOm krabi - byPass Trang- byPaSs pHattalung - Satun -Wang Chuan - Wang Kelian - Bukit Kayu Hitam - Penang~

we r safeLy arrived Penang arOund 5.30pm~ tHank gOd~ Alhamdulillah~ pHew~
very tiRed, I went thrOugh da village rOads, farm rOads, narrOw streets~ iM sOrry~ I can nOt ride very fast~ tHanks a lOt to My Sifu OverLander~ (maybe Dis wOuld first & last time he tOok me alOng)

iM cheCk iN at Hard Rock Hotel Penang~

On 3rd of May~ get Bfast~

\(~.~)/ weeeeeeeeee~

Hard Rock Hotel Penang~

da Best hOtel~

I RiDe back tO KL in the 1.30 pm. stOp at Juru - Sg. Perak fOr lunch - Tapah - KL

thanks gOd~ ma riDe safe n smOoth~ n safelly arrived hOme frOm Penang

dats all ma Summary fOr ma Long ride wth 2278km~

enjOy ma riDe~