Monday, 28 May 2012

Mini Ride to Genting & Temerloh

Mini Ride to Genting & Temerloh

hOooooolaaaaaa~ iM baCk fOr Mini Ride tO Genting & Temerloh 
by Vespa Lx150~ Our ride is abOut 310km~
Yeay!!! \(~.^)/
juSt 2 VespaGirL participate in Dis mini ride~ she is Sue Shaifudin n Me~ Our Rv iS at 9am at BHP Karak. we mOve to KopiBin Genting at 10.05am for Coffee~ & cHills~

at Genting befOre moVe to TemerLoh~

12.30pm we Get ready tO ride tO RnR TemerLoh fOr Lunch "Ikan Patin" Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
 befOre dat we Refuel Our macHine at Esso~ full Tank~

5km mOre to gO~

yeay~ MiSs V Pink & si Putey Berseri was Here!!
\(~.~)/ safely arriVed RnR TemerLoh~

Our Menu~ Yummy~

After lunch with  "ikan Patin + fried chicken and prawn sambal" we pray befOre go baCk exit Chenor n stOped at Shell RnR Temerloh for Refuel~ is abOut at 4.30pm~

Ducati mOnster 696~ 1100cc~ his RiDer frOm Kijal, Terengganu~

Exit chenOr~

LPT start frOm ChenOr~
Sue at Sg,Pahang~

iTs Me~ arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhahahahhadOi~ :p
RnR Gombak~

Yeay~ \(^.^)/ we safeLy arrived at RnR Gombak arOund 6pm~ n get sOme of cOffee befOre gO baCk~ I juSt go Back tO Sentul, KuaLa Lumpur & Sue ma fWen gO baCk tO Putrajaya~ 
 tHanks gOd~ she safely arrived hOme at 8pm~

 Our ride smOoth + safe~

after da ride tO Temerloh, we already knOw dat Vespa Lx 150 stable with 90-100kmh speed Only, if mOre than dat~ is nO Longer stable, and iS dangerOus to da Rider in caSe~
diS iS ma Review~ else i dOnnO~