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Ride EMC - MyTV3 Rock da Wave - A'Famosa, Melaka

Ride EMC - MyTV3 Rock da Wave, A Famosa 
12nd May.2012

Last week I jOined day ride wth Enduro Malaysian Chapter (EMC) to A'Famosa Melaka fOr MyTV3 Rock da Wave, here we r Rider need tO escOrt Nas Adila for his PresenTatiOn~
mOtorBike invOlved in dis eVent is a BMW-GS1200, a Kawasaki-ER6n, a Suzuki-Kawasaki Gladius and 8 Kawasaki-Versys, da tOtal amOunt invOlved is abOut 11 mOtorBike~

Rv pOint fOr dis Ride is at Shell tol Senawang at 11am, then mOve to A'Famosa at 12pm & safely arriVed tHere arOund 12.30pm.

Briefing b4 cOnvoy~
Briefing by Mr. Adly Safari from EMC~ (pic credit to EMC)
tWo Lady Bikers participate in dis riDe is Wana Sha'ari (RL) n Chaya Juhan (Bunge~ its me Yo!!)
Get ReaDy~ (pic credit to EMC)
safelly arrived in A'Famosa Melaka~ (pic credit to EMC)

safelly arrived in A'Famosa Melaka~ (pic credit to EMC)
we park Our bike in A'FamOsa~

we park Our bike in A'FamOsa~

after parking Our Bike~ n get a briefing frOm Mr.Yus wat we shud dO while escOrting dat artist, tHen we went tO see where we have tO go thrOugh shOrtly.

noted!!(pic credit to EMC)


PeaCe yO~

damn!! im shOrter than him~ :p(pic credit to EMC)

its ok~(pic credit to EMC)

Ooopssss~(pic credit to EMC)

iM wiTh RELA~

after a waLk arOund da area, we get lunch prOvided by my TV3. after Lunch is an fRee activity, bcOz events invOlving us start at 3pm.

iM wiTh AzimVOG (Utusan)

its yOurs~ its Mine~(pic credit to EMC)

CanDid~(pic credit to EMC)

free aCtivity~
one Of de members Of de grOup BUNKFACE test riDe ma Bike~
Mr.Adly wth his cOoper~ (pic credit to EMC)
wHat??!! :p(pic credit to EMC)
wth Nas Adilla~(pic credit to EMC)

finally the awaited time has come
get ready!

Mr.Yus wth da Singer Nas Adilla~ (pic credit to EMC)
On da Bike~(pic credit to EMC)
On da Bike~(pic credit to EMC)

events escOrting da artist began at abOut 4pm. cOmplete Our escOrt given free tickets tO wet wOrld. Part Of us went tO "ice blended cOconut & cucur uDang" in Pengkalan Balak. And da others stay iN A'Famosa.

RiDe EMC Succeed, cOnratuLatiOns~

after a Wet wOrld I & wana gO to da apartments prOvided by EMC for cleaning. After dat we get dinner befOre going back tO KL.

Alhamdulillah... tHanks gOd!! ma ride safe & smOoth~
aS well aS Ma Bikers fRiend~



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