Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ride Kuala Kangsar By Vespa LX 150

Ride Kuala Kangsar By Vespa LX 150

hOooolaaaaa~Let's riDe to KuaLa Kangsar~ Dis convOy is Open to Vespa Owners
Saturday, 2nd.June, 6:30am -  
RV at RnR Restaurant Jejantas Sg. Buloh. Breakfast first, 
and tHen at 7:00am - 7:30 am mOved to Kuala Kangsar~

waiting "siput seDut" ma fwen yg sLow~~ ngeee ~
hahahahahhahadOi actually I'm late tO Sg.Buloh~ I made a call frOm Shell Duke tO wait fOr Me~ and at the same tiMe my Vespa cannOt start~ OMG!! then I called K.Naz, I have been tOld her Ma Vespa can not start , a few seconds later I try again ~ \(~.~)/ Yeay Ma V PiNk can~ vrOommmm~ vrOommmm~ Dell told me to continue to RnR Rawang and meet them there~

Refuel @ PetrOnas Rawang


after refuel arOund 8am mOve to RnR Tapah fOr next refuel~
its abOut 112km~ 
we Olls safely arriVed here at 10.35am

PetrOnas Tapah (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Refuel @ PetrOnas Tapah~

DuCklings lined up!

yeay dapat T.shirt Vespa~ rm26~

Sue get her T.sHirt~

otw to Kole KangsOr~(pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)
After division t.shirt cOnvoy, we mOved to RnR Sg,Perak ~ On the way we were shOcked becOz gOt Rider dOwn befOre Tol Jelapang~ twO rider passAway~ 'innalillahirojiun...'
hOpefully Our ride safely & smOoth~

Exit Kuala Kangsar~
@ Kuala Kangsar~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Vespa LifestyLe~

Vespizzare~ (bervespa)

we r VESPISTI cOol~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

after National ScoOter Rally 2012, we mOved tO Masjid Ubudiah Kuala Kangsar to PictOrial~

Masjid Ubudiah Kuala Kangsar~
Masjid Ubudiah Kuala Kangsar~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

After take alot Of PicTures, we mOved to Lee hOuse fOr Tea TiMe~ 
tQs a lOt for Nice warM welcOme~ to KuaLa Kangsar~

Tea tiMe Rumah Lee cOoper~ tQs a lOt~ all fOod yummy~(pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)
"fikiran ku melayang-layang~ tiada siapa yG perasan"~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

After tea tiMe, we mOved to da resiDence tO relax ~ Our accommOdation iS in Ritz Hotel.

Our Parking at Ritz Hotel~
owh nO~ pls no Camera~ hakhakhak~ actually waiting rOom no.  (pic credit to RizQee)
@ Ritz HoTel~
@ Ritz HoTel~ Sis Pinky@Nazrah repOrting~

After get da roOm key, we moVed tO da roOm tO relax, very tired ~ back pain~ after a bath & prayers, I cOntinue tO sleep~ hahhahahhahhaha... no mOre go Out~ GudNitezzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzz ~

Early in da mOrning we had breakFast at da hOtel befOre returning to Kuala Lumpur,  fOur of us Sue, Izan, Nazrah & Me (Bunge) returned tO Kuala Lumpur first~

HurRy Up Cik Izan~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

get ready ~ the four of us gO back first~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Refuel befOre ride to "Pau yik MUNG~" hakhakhakhak :p (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Refuel at PetrOnas Jln Gopeng 2~
pOsing~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

befOre mOved, we plan to stOp at da "Pau Yik Mun" in Tg.Malim totake Our lunch, & meet with lady Bikers whO happened alsO to travel tHere.

RNR Ulu Bernam fOr refuel~ but DisaopOinted~ no PetrOl pump here~

Syukur~  (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Pau Yik Mun, Tg. Malim~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Lady Biker~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)
its Me~

After lunCh & hang Out with da lady Bikers, arOund at 2pm we were riDe back tO Kuala Lumpur~ n Our last ReSt Venue iS at RnR Restoran Jejantas Sg. BulOh~

Refuel befOre riDe~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)
Alhamdulillah~ Our ride safely & smOoth~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)
Get a drink befOre gOing back tO da hOuse~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Sis Nazrah & Sue ~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Me & Sue~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Izan & Sue~ (pic credit to Sue Shaifudin)

Our riDe to Kuala Kangsar SucCeed~  Alhamdulillah~ Our jOurney safely + smOoth.. tHanks gOd~
Our RiDe fOr dis cOnvOy is abOut 350km~




  1. Best laa..very nice ride!
    Average speed berapa ya?
    Vespa memang dah terbukti sejak sekian lama, no probs!

  2. sgt2 best..odw nk beli vespa...:)