Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ride to Krabi By Vespa Lx150~

Ride KL - Hatyai – Krabi – Hatyai – KL
By  MiSs Vespa PiNk (LX150)
15 - 19th. June.2012

1st Day~15.06.12 – mOve from KL early in da mOrning @ 7.15am. stOp for refuel @ Shell Duke (RM9.70). start ma ride till RNR Tapah fOr next refuel (RM9.40) n get sOme drink.  Ride again tO RnR Gunung SemanggOl for next refuel (RM9.50) n get sOme BreakFast at Dunkin dOnuts~ Ride smooth n safely arrived tO RnR Gurun fOr Next Refuel at Caltex (RM8.00). tHen cOntinue Ma ride n safely arrived at ChangLoOn around 2pm for refuel at Petronas (RM4.00) n did insurance fOr my bike (RM17.00) n change sOme cash @ mOney changer~ After get lunch arOund 3.15pm mOve to Sadao Border Immigration. After dat cOntinue ma ride tO Hatyai,  safely arrived @ 4.30pm, Alhamdulillah~ thanks gOd~ Ma MiSs V Pink iN gUd cOnditiOn~ at Hatyai iM staying at Diamond Hotel, dis hOtel reasonable price just 1000bath/night (RM100). @ night just going Out for get ma dinner, shud sLeep early bcOz tomOrrow I shud ride tO krabi fOr 360km~ NunitezZzzzzZZZzz~

@ RnR Tapah fOr Refuel~
ipoh MaLi taLak sOmbOng~
for 3rd Refuel @ Caltex Gurun~

mOre clOser~

SadaOo Border ImmigratiOn~
welcOme tO ThaiLand~

sure all of yOu are wOndering iM ride with whOm, enUf I tell yOu iM wth ma Dear Secret Guide~ (otai Hatyai + Krabi wa cakap lu~) tadaaaaazzzZZZZzzzz~

16.06.12 – 2nd day, get reaDy to Krabi by Patthalung - Trang. I mOve from Hatyai @ 9.30am n stop at PTT Ratthapom for refuel (150bath) then get breakfast at Amazon Café near petrol pump~ then cOntinue ma ride tO Trang fOr refuel (140bath) n gets drink at Inthanon Café.  tHen Move to Khlong thom for get Ma Lunch, then after Dat stOp for refuel (123bath) n mOve to Krabi~

iM in frOnt od DiamOnd hOtel~
On da Way to Krabi By pass Patthalung - Trang

iM wiTh staff AmazOn Cafe~

in frOnt of Amazon Cafe~
MiSs V PiNk WAS here~
On da Way to Krabi~
Krabi~ here i cOme~
Ao Nang Beach~ safely arriVed~

Alhamdulillah~ Safely arrived @3pm at Ao Nang Beach Resort, I stay here fOr 3days 2night, reasonable price (1300bath/niGht) I choOse da roOm facing da Sea. In da evening, arOund 5.30pm I went Out to boOk tiCket a bOat to da Island Hopping, ticket tO da Island hopping is 700bath/pax (rm70), I went there with ma Dear guide.
Ao Nang Beach Resort~ cheaper n Hi Class~
paid for isLand Hopping~
after getting a tiCket fOr tomorrow @Island Hopping activities, I & my Dear guide walk arOund Ao Nang Beach~ Beautiful scenery, I felt dOnt want to gO back tO Malaysia again ~ ~ Ahakss~
@ nite just get my dinner at Italians taste~ after Dat back tO da rOom for rest. 

coffee tiMe @ Hagen Dazz~

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi~
Ao Nang Beach, Krabi~

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi~
Noparathara Beach~
dis ResOrt same wth Ma Real Name~ OMG~
Dinner tiMe @ iTtalian Taste~

3rd Days~17.06.12 – Island Hopping, @ 830am waiting pickup tO Island Hopping~ its bOarding speed bOat owned by Muslim Barracuda Tours @ Noparathara Jetty~  I will viSit fOur island, it iS Riley island/Phranang cave/beach + Chicken Island, snorkling activities, Lunch + Tup Island, here nice for swim n snap picture, n the last is Poda Island, yess nice to swim~ but fOr me nice to “berendam” hakhakhakhakz~  x_X

waiting pickup tO Island Hopping~
waiting pickup tO Island Hopping

@ Noparathara Jetty~

1st~ Riley island/Phranang cave/beach~

Riley island/Phranang cave/beach~

Riley island/Phranang cave/beach~

PeaCe yOoo~

Riley island/Phranang cave/beach~

Riley island/Phranang cave/beach~

2nd~Chicken IsLang~

Chicken IsLand~

Chicken IsLand~ fOr snOrkLing~

Chicken IsLand~

PeaCe yOoo~

Chicken IsLand~ fOr snOrkLing~ "dugOng or duyOng kh" :p

Chicken IsLand~ fOr snOrkLing~

Chicken IsLand~ fOr Lunch~ its was DeliciOus~

Chicken IsLand~ 

 3rd ~ Tup IsLand~
Tup Island~

 then mOve to da LaSt IsLand~ it iS Poda Island~

pOda IsLand~
pOda IsLand~ waiting ma sWeet cOrn~

pOda IsLand~ sO sWeet~

pOda IsLand~ yOga On da BeaCh~

pOda IsLand~

pOda IsLand~

on da tRUck~ wanna go baCk tO da resOrt~ finish~

18.06.12 – gOing baCk to Hatyai~  Bubui Krabi~ I will miss yOu n cOme again, maybe~ mOve from Krabi @ 10am n stop fOr refuel (156bath), then cOntinue ma Ride to Trang for next refuel (120bath) n get some cOffee at Inthanon Café. Then mOve to Songkhla n stOp  fOr refuel (184bath). Then move to Hatyai  just in 10km tO arrived tO Diamond Hotel. Safely arrived @3.30pm. Today I feel really tired!! 
But SO MUCH FUN!!  Yeay~ \(~.^)/

BuBui Ao Nang Beach~
Bu Bu Bu Bu bUi~ i wiLL MiZz u~ (T.T)
Al-Aman MosQue~Krabi.

 at night I juSt go Out for dinner at Restoran Hamid, n iM eating a lot~ it was delicious maybe cOz iM really hungry~ yeah. But nOt hunggry Bird yOo~ :P. after Dat gO back to da rOom for rest~

BUBui Hatyai~ iM get reaDy to gO baCk~
19.06.12 – Bubui ThaiLand~ time tO go back tO KL, last day iM in Thailand~ move @ 8am to Sadao Border Immigration, then mOve to RnR Gurun fOr Brunch n refuel at shell (rm10), then cOntinue Ma ride tO RnR Tapah fOr next refuel (rm9.70). from Tapah I shOot to KL n safely arrived home @ 4.30pm~ 
thans gOd~

Im VespiSita~ itaLianOoo~ ngeh~ ngeh~ ngeh~

peaCe yO~


Ma jOurney to Krabi by Vespa Lx150 Succeed~ Alhamdulillah~ 
da tOtal ma jOurney from ma Vespa Meter is 1734km~ n tOtal petrOl ma MiSs V PinK uSed is rM132.00 only~  its dONe~ 

tQs a lot tO ma dear secret guide abg AS~



  1. SabOoo.. T kita p sure Besh.. Yeay.. Yela.. Mmg x sabOoo..

  2. pergh..terbaek ride vespa g thailand!
    welcome to my beginner blog:

  3. truly amazed,
    salute to you sis, as true bikers don forget to solah.
    good luck and keep the spirit.