Sunday, 21 October 2012

20.10.2012 -MegaRide PieLang 2.0

Flag Off MegaRide PieLang 2.0
RnR Rest. JejanTas Sg.BuLoh

Hey yOo.. Assalamualaikum n Gud mOrning to my followers.. Today is Megaride Pielang 2.0, da purpOse Of ride is to EnjOy da 'Ketam Lembut'  in Kuala Gula, Kerian, Perak . ReSt Venue in RnR Rest. JejanTas Sg.BuLoh @ 730am - 9am, And I'm also going to Flag Off da cOnvoy even juSt @ RnR Rest. JejanTas Sg.BuLoh. I can't foLLow Dis MegaRide 2.0 coz ma Bike still in Running iN speed~ x_X (wat can I dO..)
 I'm  arrived @ 8am, then get my bfast 1st wth PieLang Bikers members. Chit chat blablabla..

flOwers iN da Garden~


befOre mOve da President give Brifieng bOut cOnvOy~




FlOwers in da PielangBikers~

After bfast befOre mOve to DestinatiOn~ da PresiDent or Taiko PB give a Little bRiefing abOut da cOnvoy, n traffiC signals are Used. After bRiefing UstazEr6n Prayers b4 starTing da cOnvoy~

hOpefully Our ride safe + smOoth~

Have a lot of mOtorBike + brand + cc heRe.. Wat I heard gOt 4 grOup oSo RV here.. It is SYM grOup, TelekOm grOup, BMW motOrrad grOup n HarLey DavidsOn grOup.. WOooHOooo.. \(~.^)/ 
 Its Happening~  hOpefully all grOup safe in jOurney~ Amin~

We aRe PieLangBikers~ nOt pailang yOo~

Da tOtal participant iN Dis cOnvoy is 80 motorBike incLudes 16 MarShals, N juSt ONE Lady riDer jOined dis cOnvOy.. \(~.^)/ WoOooHoOooo.. She iS faryzanis (yana), she's riDe er6n... Opss~  But not juSt her da Ladies in Dis cOnvoy cOz Got around 13 pilliOns Ladies aCcOmpany her LOVE.. 
So Cute + sWeet!!!

Ready to mOve~ but da Pinky bike nOt follow da riDe~ :(

MegaRide PieLang cOnvoy gOt apprOval frOm PDRM, Convoy mOves at 9am, which is cOntrOlled by 16 eXperienced marShals to mOnitor da cOnvoy. Speed ​​has been disCussed n recOmmended aRe 140-150kmh. After dat my tuRn to gO baCk n Safely @ hOme~

Alhamdulillah..  at Nite im Open PB fOrum, 
Da cOnvoy safely n smOoth cOme BaCk, 
tHanks gOd!!! 

chiOzZzz~ enjOy yOo~



  1. Thank you for coming to the flag-off :D

  2. Hello Pink Rider,
    Nice write-up and pics. I am new follower of you blog and hope we can share useful information about riding experiences and motorcycles issues.
    If you have time follow my blog ( may be you find some interesting facts and episodes there.
    Salam to your hubby.


  3. hi brO Amzah~ tQS~ n i will follow ur blog~