Monday, 12 November 2012

Ladies RiDe tO Genting~

Ladies RiDe tO Genting (LBM)

wOohOoo~  LaSt saturday iM n Ladies Fwen ride tO Genting with small CC, 6 Vespa LX150, Honda ex5, Kawasaki KSR, Honda wave & mOdenas~ befOre mOve to Genting, we have agreed tO RV at BHP Gombak at 8.30am. wOw Weeeeee~ have a lot bikers here, but just us ride small CC, Our missiOn gOing up to Genting is just tO fun riDe & enjOy breakfast there. we mOve to Genting @

whO jOined diS riDe? She is 
Sis Mira(KD), 
Sis Gee (Fauziah Latif), 
Sis Naz (Rempitan Pinky), 
Sis Intan (Red ScOot), 
Intan (intan Nuzalehan), 
Sis Wahieda (Wahida Ieda),
 Maniey (Nor Azmani), 
Ijan (Izan Mohd) 
Sis Ina & her Husband Jukie (da photographer of da day~)
& Me~ (Bungee Eddy)

Get reaDt tO mOve~ pic Credit tO Jukie

da sweaPer iS Sis Gee (fauziah Latif) pic Credit tO Jukie
Our PiLot is Sis Miera (president of LBM)  pic Credit tO Jukie

Ladies Unite~ PasSiOn tO RiDe~ pic Credit tO Jukie
Ladies Unite~ PasSiOn tO RiDe~ pic Credit tO Jukie

we are HERE!! yeay!! \(^.~)/ - pic Credit tO Jukie

 Actually our 1st pOrt to take Breakfast is at Coffee Bean Genting, but we are dispOinted BcOz Coffee Bean iS under renOvatiOn~ sO sad when iM LoOking dat renovatiOn~ u knOw why??? bCoz after dis I dOnt have da Best pOrt tO take breakfast / TTS n gather amOng Bikers like befOre. 
nO mOre Genting bike Week for eVery Week~ 
(T-T) iM crying inSide~ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

sO for new pOrt BreakFast is @ Cafeteria HOtel FirSt wOrld~ da MENU here no bad~ 
so sO gOod Larh~

Izan... PeaCe yOo~ pic Credit tO Jukie

Makan TiMe~  pic Credit tO Jukie

da phOtOgrapher~ Ina n Jukie~ (husband& wife)

frOm Right is Sis Mira, Sis Ina N Sis Gee~ pic Credit tO Jukie

 pic Credit tO Jukie

pic Credit tO Jukie

ma Left is Red scOot@ Intan~ n Ma Right is Wahida~ - pic Credit tO Jukie
tWo PinKy RiDer in da hOuse~

After had Breakfast we Get Ready to gOing dOwn~
weather in Genting its look like gOnna B rain~ hOpe it dOes not rain bcOz after dis sOme of us will go to da wedding of a sOn of da bikers we know .. He is Pak Belang. Around 1.00pm we mOve afterwards Refuel @ Caltex Genting ~ ~ ~ Vroom vrOommmm

Oo Ooo~ we are nO luck in Our favOr bCoz it was raining On the way to  Toll Gombak~ half wet .. but we still gOing to da ceremOny ~ Thank yOu to all whO jOined diS mini ride~  
I'm sorry if there are understatedLastly thanks gOd Our ride safely n smOoth~
and iM enjOy with da ride diS time ~
Chow Chin ChOw ~

~Bunge Eddy~

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