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Tour Ride SriKandi 7 Perhentian~

Tour Ride SriKandi 7 Perhentian~
Peringkat Negeri Sembilan, Tahun 2012

Hey yOo~ iM cOme back fOr ma new "Tour Ride Srikandi 7 Perhentian". 

da Banner Of tOur Ride Srikandi 7 Perhentian~
 Actually dis prOgram start On 3rd.Nov, but we Olls Lady Rider frOm Kuala Lumpur gOing to Bahau, Negeri Sembilan earlier On 2nd evening after wOrk.  We mOve through Lekas Hiway at 6.30pm, in pOor weather cOnditions, rain all da way till Toll Ampangan. There we awaited by twO marshals Black & Kamarul tO take us tO PetrOnas for refuel 1st befOre mOving onto da "Era Hotel at Bahau". frOm there have a few Marshall, he iS brO Nolan, brO(donno her name), n escOrt by Police Traffic Corporal Yusri. We olls safely arrived in Bahau arOund 10.30pm~ Our accOmmodation spOnsored by da Organiser.

waiting our fwen @ Petronas Ampangan, N9~ pic credit to Sue Shaifudin
shOrt Briefing frOm Corporal Yusri, IPD Seremban~ pic credit to Sue Shaifudin

hi~ gud mOrning olls~ tOday iM wake up early bcOz we shud in da Lobby at 7.30am, for a shOrt briefing from Sis Deida Shahbudin befOre moving to da Opening ceremOny of da Tour Ride Srikandi 7 Perhentian. All our bags are placed in da car Owned Sis Yang Adilah, representing Wima (Woman International Motorcycle Associate). Thanks again ~ At da event we had breakfast 1st befOre starting our riDe for tOday. After dat we were briefed by da cOnvoy Leader Inps. Zarina abOut convoy movement controlled by Female Police traffic , and aided also by da Men Police Traffic. Convoy opened by Datuk VS Mogan.

 cOnvoy mOve to da 1st stOp is at Jeram tOi. And da 2nd stOp is at Masjid Nilai for Zuhur, then mOve to Petronas Nilai for refuel, and also Lunch at Nilai. After da Lunch we mOve to 3rd destinatiOn iS to Sri Kenangan (rumah Kebajikan Orang Tua), Seremban. In Sri Kenangan, da officer tOld da Objectives Sri Kenangan was established. Here we are treated fOr Tea TiMe spOnsored by Mat Salai Sdn Bhd~ Mat Salai Sdn Bhd is also One of da spOnsors for da cOnvoy diS time.

at Sri Kenangan, Seremban. - pic credit to Sue Shaifudin

PetrOnas Lukut~

Female PoLice Traffic~
At 445pm we mOve to Port DicksOn & at 545pm stOp fOr refuel @ PetrOnas Lukut. tHen laSt check pOint for tOday is check in @ Grandpa Hotel. at Nite juSt Dinner n shOrt Briefing frOm Police TraffiC~

Dinner at GrandPa Hotel~ pic credit to Sue Shaifudin
GrandPa Hotel~ pic credit to Sue Shaifudin

2nd day On 4th November~ we sHud be in da lobby at 8am.Our breakfast was provided by da organizers~ Yeay!! \(~.^)/ Lets eat 1st~ hurmmmmm.. yummy~ maybe cOz iM hungRy.. ;) .

Tour dis time also jOined by senior Lady Riders~ Nz York, Kak Fa (Lanun biker) & Solo Arya ~

Last day da tOur Ride SriKandi 7 Perhentian~

After breakfast, we gathered at da parking tO hear a briefing frOm da Organizers, & da  Police Traffic on duty. We mOved to first stop of da Military Museum at 9am, which was held in Port Dickson.

Muzium Tentera~

Muzium Tentera~

Muzium Tentera~

ArOund 12pm we mOve tO Clinic Cure &Care located in Tampin, here da Officer give a little briefing On da establishment of da clinic. BefOre moving tO da next destination, we enjOyed lunch firSt wiTh student Cure&Care presentations~

at Clinic Cure&Care~
GangNam StyLe~ \(~.^)/ wOooohOoooo~

At 2pm we mOve to JempOl da Last Check pOint for da Tour Ride SriKandi 7 Perhentian~

Yeay!! \(^.~)/ma riDe its dOne!!

Here I wOuld like to thOusands Thanks to da Organizers who have spOnsored all cOsts  
"Jelajah Srikandi 7 Perhentian"
 I am very happy tO have jOined dis tOur bCoz all da riders are women, and iM really prOud bcOz da all rider ride mOtorcycle low CC, & juSt only 6 ride bigbike~, I gained a lot of experience frOm diS RiDe~.da tOtal ride is 587km for 2 days~ n me frOm KL is 871km, WoOooohOooooo~ Thanks Sis Deida cOz invited me to jOin dis Ride, iM enjOy & dis is my first Official cOnvoy accOmpanied by using low cc. Thanks a lot dear god Our Ride safely withOut any prOblems~


Bunge Eddy~

ma english is nOt gud~ enjOy~
n im sOrry for not mentiOn da all participant in dis cOnvoy~ 

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