Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ride Asam Pedas + Durian AfamOsa~

Day Ride Asam Pedas Melaka + Durian AfamOsa~

heyYOoo~ im cOme back for ma Day ride tO Melaka last sunday,
On 2nd.Dec.12~
Dis ride has been pLanned Of last week . De Original pLan was ride tO Kota Tinggi, Johor. Due to technical prOblems, da ride was changed tO Melaka. fOr dis ride Our RV is at Mc.Donald befOre toll Sg.Besi at 7.30am. Huhuhuhu~ but iM arrived at 8am... sOwwy to all dear Sista~ x_X. After breakfaSt, arOund 9.30am we mOve to Pedas Linggi, bcOz sis Leena Wong waiting fOr us there to jOin dis ride. After dat we stOpped at PetrOnas R&R Ayer KerOh for refuel, then ride tO Melaka tOwn for Asam Pedas \(^.~)/ wOoohOooooooƵ ~

awaiting rescue frOm Muar, RXZ Jahat, but he is gOod~ (pic credit to Lys)

awaiting rescue frOm Muar, RXZ Jahat, but he is gOod~ 

Rxz Jahat n His fwens~

Rxz Jahat & his fRiend see da FZi bike prOblems, why can nOt be turned On engine~ Phewww~ fOrtunately only a small prOblem, juSt misuse plug~ after dat we mOve tO Melaka tOwn fOr Asam Pedas. Da Asam Pedas ShOp clOse tO Taming Sari, \(~.^)/wOooohOoooooo~   
da Asam Pedas shOp is very crOwded with custOmers~ hehehehheheee~ maybe its so deliciOus~ 

here I fOund a sis Jaja (she's ride Ducati), at first I did nOt recOgnize her, She appeared thin~ tHen she tOld why sHe was skinny... Ooo Oooo~ oh my gOd~ Hopefully sis Jaja quickly recOvered frOm her injuries~

tiMe tO eat~ yeay!! \(~.~)/

 thOusand thanks to Sis Maz, da Owner to Mat Salai Sdn Bhd to spOnsOr Our Lunch + Durian~
after Lunch we mOve to Afamosa Melaka for Durian~

 AfamOsa Durian, Melaka.
after have Durian Super king~ we mOve to Hentian Pedas Linggi for Refuel befOre back to hOme~
tQs again to Sis Maz for spOnsored Our petrOl~ we went to Kuala Lumpur in da very peak hOur traffic conditions, accOmpanied by a little rain. I n sis Liza Safely Arrived at Toll sg.Besi at 6pm. sis Deida not wth us Because she exit to NiLai for send sis Mazz to his hOme~ while sis Leena wOng exit to Senawang to return to his home in Seremban.

Alhamdulillah, we all safelly at hOme, thanks gOd~

thats all my shOrt stOry fOr dis Ride~ enjOy~

Bungee Eddy~


  1. hi chaya.

    long time no see. in fact lama sgt tak dengar berita n cerita u.

    still keja kat tempat yg sama ke atau camna skrg?

    - nizam -

  2. hi~ ni nizam mana eh?? sorry~ lupa la~