Wednesday, 6 February 2013

RiDe Mematin @ Temerloh by MiSsV~

RiDe Mematin @ Temerloh by MiSsV~
3rd January. 2013

woOoohooOooooo~ iM cOme Back~
MiSs yOu~ MiSs yOu~ MiSs yOu~ MiSs yOu~ Quite Long time i didnt wRite here.. nOw iM baCk for Ma shOrt stOry bOut ma ride wth Vespa and da Gangs~

Last Sunday, i and fOur Of my friends went tO Temerloh fOr 'ikan patin masak tempOyak'. Our RV iS @ 9am in Old tOwn White cOffee (BHP Gombak). BefOre start of Our jOurney, we get breakfaSt firSt~ after breakfast, and all have cOme in at 10.15 we start da ride~

fRiends whO jOin da ride dis time iS  
Bro Hasnol (MV AGusta) by Vespa Lx 150, Sue Shaifudin by Vespa Lx 150,  
Ruziatul Ismail by Elegan 150, Bro Yuzray by Elegan 150 
& da Last its Me, Chaya (Bunge) by Vespa 150.

2km hv mOre tO gO~ yeay!!! \(^.^)/
its Mine~ \(^.^)/

frOm Left is Sue Shaifudin, in da mindle its me Chaya (Bunge) n in da white shirts is Ruziatul Ismail~
Refuel firSt befOre gO baCk~
After exit Temerloh tOwn, da rain began tO fall~ Alhamdulillah, we all safely arrived at Ikan Patin shOp not mOre nOt LeSs @ 12pm. Arghhhhhh~ iM hunGry.. Lets EAT 'ikan Patin Masak TempOyak'. After Lunch we mOve to PetrOnas fOr refuel Our macHine in da state still DrizzLe~ ArOund 2pm we mOve tO RnR TemerLoh fOr Prayers~

On da Way Back tO Kuala Lumpur~

 @ 3.30pm We mOve to riDe baCk~ befOre dat, we stOpped by da roadside tO take pictures~
whiLe taking a piCture~ we Bumped wiTh Sis naz (Rempitan Pinky) and her husband, they had juSt returned frOm da east cOast ride~ blaBlabLabla~  arOund 4pm we move back to Kuala Lumpur.

wooOoohooOooooo \(^.^)/ ~ we olls cRazy cRazy.. 
bCoz at Kuala Lumpur we cOntinue with Our tts at 'Teh Halia' Jalan Pahang~ 
but Bro Yuzray nOt jOin Us~ he shud baCk 1st~ @ 6.30pm we disPerSe~

Alhamdulillah~ tHanks gOd our jOurney safe & smOoth~
enjOy ya~ taDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~



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