Monday, 18 March 2013

Mental Ride Vespa 3 Hills 2013~

~Mental Ride Vespa 3 Hills~
2nd-3rd. March. 2013

Hi dear Olls~ iM cOme baCk fOr ma latest ride to  
Genting.Hiland+Fraser.Hill +CamerOn.Hiland
i jOined riDe by Ma MiSsV, with Modern Vespa GrOup .
wooOoohooOOoooo~ \(~.^)/

befOre I forget, dis ride planned by Hardie Sofian & Hazrin Cric~
Our RV is at Vespa Planet~ (pic Credit to Sai Weng~)

Our Rv is at Vespa Planet at 7.30am, bfaSt firSt and then On da Bike is at 8am~ our 1st Hill to ride iS Genting Hiland~ wOw Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ da total participant jOin dis ride is 39 riders, 33 of Vespa LX150 , 5 Vespa GTS 250 and 1 Vespa PX/LML .  One foreman & One a suppOrt car frOm Vespa Planet~ tQs cOki~
 da impOrtant thing in dis ride is accompanied by fiVe lady rider~

at Genting~ wooOoohooOooooo~  (pic Credit to Vespa Planet)

Yeah~ ready fOr da neXt Hill, Fraser Hill... here we cOme~ we arrived here at 11.20am. Here we juSt take pictures and relax befOre continuing da cOnvoy~ we mOve tO CamerOn Hiland at 1245pm~
wooOoohooOoooo~ Our riDe so muCh Fun~
CamerOn Hiland~ here We gOooo~

Oopsss~ im fOrgOt~ in dis riDe gOt One bOy rider frOm Muar, Johor Darul Takzim, he cOme early One day befOre flag off on 2nd.March, He is San Sai Weng~ 

\(~.~)/ yeay!!! we arrived first, waiting fOr da Others fwen~
  (pic Credit to Sue Shaifudin)
Lady Rider of da Mental RiDe~ (pic Credit to Sue Shaifudin)
Fraser Hill, we was here~  (pic Credit to Vespa Planet)
(pic Credit to Vespa Planet)

(pic Credit to Vespa Planet)

(pic Credit to Vespa Planet)
hi~ its Me Bunge, Pinky rider lor~ Fraser Hill~ (pic Credit to Sue Shaifudin)
On da way tO CamerOn Hiland, we stOpped at Sg.Koyan fOr Lunch. Our lunch spOnsored by Vespa Planet~ Thanks a lot cOki~

tiMe fOr Refuel~
after refuel n Lunch~ abOut 2pm we mOve to CamerOn Hiland~ wOoohooOooo~
can nOt wait to eat a strawberry and cOrn are very tasty~ cOnvoy traveling tO CamerOn Hiland is very interesting, bcOz a long cOrner and da car is nOt much. ~ Leisurely ride ~

On da Way tO CamerOn Hiland our ride safe and smOoth~ Alhamdulillah~ thanks gOd~ we all arrived to da Hotel Cool Point is abOut at 5pm. Within 2km befOre reaching da hotel it rained~. but nOt drenched, just slightly wet Only~

in da evening, we are no Agenda~ juSt go Out fOr dinner and hang Out, with friends~
bla bLa bla bLa~ after dat, we all Lady Rider back to da rOom to rest and sleep. BcOz tomOrrow morning we waNna go tO da market in Brinchang to buy cOrn + strawberry + blablablabla ~
sweet Dream~ zzZZZzzz ZZZ~

shOpping tiMe~ (pic Credit to Sue Shaifudin)
Tea Farm~ (pic Credit to Q-Lock)
Early in da mOrning on 3rd.March, we Lady Bikers wake up early tO go tO da market in Brinchang~ and sOme of da friend gOing to Tea Plantations~

yOo~ its me Bunge~ wth ma dear fwen Izan Mohd behind me~

Cameron Hiland~ (pic Credit to Vespa Planet)
after spending time in CH before return~ we all gathered in frOnt of da hotel, and get ready for da cOnvoy back to KL arOund 1pm~ we went through Jalan Raub, we are nOt through da Simpang Pulai~ dis "Mental Ride Vespa" is very happening ride, Maybe we repeat aGain fOr neXt year~

da Only One Classic Vespa follow da ride~

we stOpped for lunch and prayer at Raub, huhuhuhu ~ Our lunch is spOnsored by Azrin at Awiera TomYam Raub~ thanks Bro Azrin~

On da Way baCk to KL~

thanks a lot to all da marshals invOlved to 
prOtect da security convoy~

we all safely arrived in Kuala Lumpur its arOund 6.30pm~

befOre back to da hOme~ we all take dinner 1st at Erra TomYam close to Vespa Planet~ hehehehe~ Our dinner is also sponsOred by Vespa Planet~ tQs again~

thanks gOd~ our ride safe n smOoth n safe return home~

 n im sOrry not mentiOn 1 by 1~ oh mai gOd~ hopefully u all love tO read ma short stOry~ tQs~

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ see u Olls on neXt ride yOo~
Bunge @>~