Wednesday, 10 August 2011


           Welcome to my Blog Pink Rider. My name is Chaya and I was born in 1981 and live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who works for a company in the position of the Diploma in Accounting required. Actually I'm from Terengganu, Malaysia. And I really love to riding my motorbike to go to somewhere of interest, love pink color and likes to collect Naruto movie~
        Anyway, this blog happen is for me to make a reference in the future, so as a reference, now I'm still new in the bike world. I start from the ground and first owned a motorcycle is Mz Mosqito 125cc scooter in 2005 as my birthday gift from someone. And my second bike was NAZA GTR 150x in 2008, this is a scooter. And my new bike is a Kawasaki 650cc ER6N, ehhehehehhehee ... This time I had switched to a big bike. Hurmm .. this blog also happened because the opinion of one of the friends from Facebook, thanks friend :) ~

There will be pictures and reviews motorcycle trip, I hope to update this place at least once a month,, but it may end up being whenever I feel like it. So, why "Pink Rider" for the name?  I love pink okay~  I like pink a lot because pink is sweet and nice to see~

I hope everyone enjoys this place (and I hope I don't end up getting bored of it)~ hoyehhhh~