Friday, 26 August 2011

Ladies Ride - Summary Part One

17th-18th.July.2010 - KuaLa Lumpur - Johor BahRu~

Ladies Ride to Johor Bahru on 17th -18th.July.2011, riders participating in the convoy was Tun Teja, Syaza Nuril and I Chaya juhan @ Bunge
our Rv pOint at Shell Tol Sg Besi at 7.30
Teja and I move to the next destination RnR Ayer Keroh to meet Syaza at 8.00am, and arrived there in 9.30am. We had breakfast at the RnR Ayer Keroh B4 start the next trip.

at PagOh
We arrived at the JB in at 12.30am n get lunch fist~ we R hungry..... after lunch we headed out to the hotel to stay, because the scooter event this evening in Skudai, so we reSt first until evening.
Now we are in Skudai where bike show events, and there we were invited to join a mini-convoy with Johor Bikers to the Bike Show~

at night we went to Danga Bay for dinner and hang out with friends there.
next day on 18th.Julyu.2010, after Lunch at JB, we moved back to Kuala Lumpur, we safely go back. Thanks gOd~ Alhamdulillah~

02nd - 04th.October.2010
Kuala LumPur - Johor Bahru - SingapOre

Ladies Ride to Johor Bahru on 02nd -04th.October.2011, riders participating in the convoy was Tun Teja, Syaza Nuril, Arenim and Me~ Chaya juhan @ Bunge
Like befOre~ if wanna ride to JB, our RV point is at Shell to Sg. Besi
Next stop at Ayer Keroh n here we meet otai from SBM~ he acompany our ride till exit PagOh~ thanks bro~ we are safely arrived in JB around 1.30pm n get luch first before check in and get rest before entering Singapore to buy Riding Gear at there~
in Singapore~ Our tourist guide is sis Noor Hasnah Adam from MistriBikers~ after buying riding gear ~ we were taken to a place called Kg. Glam, at there is a lot of delicious food, thank you very much 4 inviting to Kak Noor and celebrate our arrival!
not only that, but our arrival was greeted by members of the MistriBikers. Thank you sO muCh~ n after dinner, we were walking in the Lion City, wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you all the best!
we aRe Lady Rider!!
around 1am we r Malaysia lady rider get ready to go out from Singapore~ n we R accompanied by Kak Noor cOz we donNo the way out to immigration, hehehehhehe~ can u see Lady Bikers Singapore?  wow !! ~ she wOre HI HEELS to ride, oh my gOd!! this is true~ iM nOt creaTed diS and iM salute with all them~ excellent and friendly ~ see you all on tHe next Ride ya!!~ wallah~
on tHe neXt day juSt me n Teja in JB coz Arenim and Sysza Nuril got urGent issue n should go back first~ at night we meet our fwen Ery, He is scooterist from JB. after get dinner at "Singgah Selalu" Ery took us to Stulang, at there we were just hangout~
at StuLang
next day on 04th.July.2010, after Lunch at JB, we moved back to Kuala Lumpur, we safely go back. Thanks gOd~  hehehheee~ Me and Teja wanNa repeat again ride to JB!! hoooyeeeeeeeeeeehh~ Alhamdulillah~

Day ride KL-Penang wth sis MiRa N nuRul ~

Day Ride to Penang on 06h.Nov.2011, riders participating in the convoy was sis Mira Yaacob@KD, Sis Nurul Abdullah@Nat n Me~ Chaya juhan @ Bunge. Actually we are nOt planning gOing to Penang~ hahahahahhahahaaahahah~ craZy!!~
Initially we plan to breakfast at RnR Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh only ~ Ooopsss sorry sistas~ I had wandered up tO the RnR Rawang~ and both of them cOme to my place and plan to gO to Simpang Pulai ~ At Simpang Pulai... we plan again to go to Sg. Dua, Penang for lunch Mee Udang, we all safely arrived around 1.30pm. Thanks gOd!! Alhamdulillah~
at Mee Udang Sg.Dua Penang~ Hoooooooooooooooyyeeeeeeeeehh!!~

Sis Nurul Abdullah@Nat and Sis Mira Yaacob@KD

Sis Nurul Abdullah@Nat

After get Lunch at Sg.Dua, we moved go to Batam Sis Mira house at there we get rest fist b4 go back n get some drink n blablablalabla~ at 5.00pm we moved to Kuala Lumpur~ Our return journey in great heavy rain inundated, but the way we arrived safely at our final stop at RnR Rest. Jejantas Sg.Buloh around 10.30pm.  
thanks to Sis Nurul Abdullah@Nat and Sis Mira Yaacob@KD for  da niCe trip~
Thanks god~


  1. high heels tu.. gilerr ahhh..
    1 day mau pakai jugakla.. 6 inch punyer..

    *nice blog kak munger :-)

  2. tQs Chanduri~ mmg tabik spring la kn~ pakai hi heels tu~