Sunday, 21 August 2011

Perhimpunan Sekuter Kebangsaan - PSK

Perhimpunan Sekuter Kebangsaan 2007 (PSK'07) at Stadium Bukit Jalil on 27th-28th.December.2007

First day PSK'07 on 27th.December.2007, we all based on it is the glamourous scooter forum~ we are scooterist~
my Pinky fLower Scooter on the first day PSK'07
with ma scoot fwen frOm kL
me & my Pinky Flower ScOot~

with ma fwen~ hehehehe im just pOsing in Big Bike~ who know i can get it one day~

Perhimpunan Sekuter Kebangsaan 08/09 (PSK 08/09) in Paroi, Negeri Sembilan on 21st-22nd.March.2009

on 21st.March.2009 RV point at Shell tol Sg.Besi at 8am and we all 
moved to Paroi around 9am~
Shell tol Sg.Besi
we all moved at 9am to Paroi, Negeri Sembilan to go to PSK 08/09
thanks god~ we safely arrived at Paroi, Negeri Sembilan

 we stay in Homestay at ParoI~ b4 the next day~

2nd day at PSK on 22nd.March.2011 
my ScoOt on the show in PSK'08/09 - Airbrush Custom~

Aiman scoot~ one of LOST member~
Sticker Custom~ and the WINNER is AIMAN!! Congratulation Aiman~

we aRe LOSTrians~
we r Gals Rider of GTR 150x
we r Gals Rider of GTR 150x
our club hv been a winner in Sticker Custom categories, the winner is Aiman from LOST club!! hooooooyeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
and after that we moved to go back home~ thanks gOd~ everything is smooth~

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