Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Second Ride to Port Dickson - Day Ride

My 2nd Ride to Port Dickson, replaces the canceled PSK'08 Ride 

In fact the convoy to Port Dickson is on 26th.December.2008, because a little disappointed the "Perhimpunan Sekuter Kebangsaan 2008" (PSK'08) is deleted because of death of the Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, so every event should be canceled.
Therefore, I and several other GTR riders went on 27th.December.2008, in the morning at 6:30am, where our RV point at the Shell Toll Sg.Besi and moved at 7.00 am. Our mini convoy safely arrived there in at 10.00am, I though not more not less la~~ LOSTrian Seremban celebrated LOSTrian from Kuala Lumpur with a relaxing barbecue chicken dishes.
LOST club also distributes t.shirt club to club members who have made payment. The ceremony finished around 6:00pm, and after that I and LOSTrian KL moved to Kuala Lumpur. The event runs smoothly ~ thanks God~
I'm wth the Otaimer of LOST

we are Line Of  Scooter Tribe (LOST)

Line Of  Scooter Tribe (LOST) and the only me Gals rider of that day~  peace_nO_war~ love u Olls~

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