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Jelajah Malaysia 2011

Jelajah Malaysia 2011 - 14th -22nd of May

Jelajah Malaysia 2011~ 
 I'm dOne. I joined under on Lady Bikers Malaysia club. Tour starts from 14th - 22nd of May, it was for 9 days, whos Lady Rider joined this tour is Wana (RL), Emma (BG), Mira Yaacob (KD), Linda Onn, Fauziah Latif, Kak Gee (PA Linda) and Me Chaya Juhan ~ hehehhehee~ I'm da youngest  ( jgn marah nu sista2~ nge~ nge~ nge~). Our flag off at Shell Toll Sg.Besi. We gathered at 9am and start our jouney at 10am. Thanks  to few Lady Rider come to celebrate us for our flag off to Malacca. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

on 14th.May.2011at Shell tol sg.Besi. yeah~ we R Lady Bikers~
In Melaka , we go to Komplek Belia & Sukan for registration convoy . There we met with a lot of riders , police n Marshal. Estimated 150 participants. Here we gOt  a few t.shirt for Jelajah MalaysiabPerihatin.

 15th.May. at Melaka

after the tour we took a river cruise melaka ~ calm & relaxed~
16th.May.2011, 2nd days of Jelajah Malaysia~ get ready to go to Kuantan Pahang, 
I wth SingapOre Lady Rider, also joined by bikers from Singapore~
Before start, we mOve to Taming Sari fOr the opening of Jelajah  Malaysia, and breakfast. After the inauguration we RiDe tO the IKBN Pagoh, the first point fOr realizing the objectives Of Jelajah Malaysia "we care we love"
at IKBN Pagoh~
Nasyid performances from students in the IKBN Pagoh~
after IKBN pagoh we mOve and stop at Petronas Petrol pump station Gambang to refuel~ We arrived in Kuantan at about 5.00pm and went tO Grand Continental Hotel. At night we mOved to Komplek Belia & Sukan Kuantan for dinner and enjoying the performances of 'Rakan Muda' Kuantan. Then we RiDe tO shopping cimplex tO distribute flyers abOut the "we love we care" of abandonment issues increasing 
in recent years.
Jelajah Malayasia, On the 3rd days we gO to Terengganu, da next place is IKBN Wakaf Tapai, Terengganu. to serve the main purpOse of this Jelajah Malaysia.
at IKBN Wakaf Tapai, Terengganu~

 at IKBN Wakaf Tapai, Terengganu~ to convey main purpOse of Jelajah Malaysia. 

After the missiOn in the IKBN Wakaf Tapai, Terengganu  we riDe to Kuala Terengganu tO Sumai ResOrt accOmmodation we were there. In the evening we riDe tO Mosque Cristal tO attend a dinner there with relatives of Royal City (Kerabat Di Raja Terengganu). Our dinner was graced with performances of songs frOm the singer had been arranged by the parties there.

Mosque Cristal Terengganu~

at Hall Mosque Cristal Terengganu~
 18.May  4th Days of jelajah Malaysia gO to Tasek Banding~

 Jelajah Malaysia On the 4th days we're heading to Tasek Banding. Next to complete the missiOn where the tOur is Kuala Terengganu Community College, where we enjOy a delicious breakfast (ehehhehehe ~ where I was born la~). We cOntinue tO riDe tO the next destinatiOn is IKBN Kelantan befOre cOntinuing the jOurney to Tasek Banding.

Presentation 'Dikit Barat' of the students of IKBN Kelantan
                                                                       IKBN Kelantan~

 iN the afternOon we traveled tO Tasek Banding. On the way there we caught in the heavy rain, but we arrived safely travel tO Tasek Banding Resort, Thanks god! Alhamdulillah~ (sOrry.. nO pictures in Tasek Bandeng :( )

19.May.2011, 5th Days of jelajah Malaysia gO to Perlis, currently at petrol pump Gerik arOund 9am. frOm here we riDe tO Arau, Perlis
we safely arrive at Kompleks Belia n Sukan Arau, Perlis around 12.30pm and have lunch here with student . after that we mOve to elderly hOme to visit them at there and we all cOllect some dOnation between uS to elderly hOme. Before next event we had tea time first with occupant of elderly hOmes~ blablablalalabla~

at Kompleks Belia n Sukan Arau, Perlis

around  7:30pm we riDe to Hotel Seri Malaysia in Arau, Perlis, Our accommOdation here befOre continue Jelajah Malaysia On the next day.

6th Days of Jelajah Malaysia

at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Perlis. breakfast befOre prOceeding to Lumut, Perak Darul Ridzuan

time to refuel Our macHine~ gagagagga~ :p

at Kolej Komuniti having lunch here befOre riDe to Penang

nOw at Kolej Komuniti having lunch here befOre riDe to Mega Fortune, Penang. after that we riDe to Mee Udang Paksu... wOw Wweeeeeeeeee~ it was delicious~ yummy~ After that we mOve to Blue Bay resort our accommodation at Lumut.
21st.May. 7th Days of Jelajah Malaysia
at Blue Bay Lum
at  for breakfast~

On the 7th days we visit to TLDM Lumut, Perak Darul Ridzuan~

On the ship of the Royal Malaysian Navy

after visiting a navy base in Lumut, we riDe to the next destination tO Kuala Lumpur ~  my home is here ~hOyeeeahhh~~  befOre that we go to IKBN Kuala Kubu, Selangor. in the afternOon we riDe to our accommOdation in Kuala Lumpur at Hotel Grand Continetal, close to Jalan Raja Laut~ at night were we went tO Pandan Indah  to have dinner there and signed a banner of Jelajah Malaysia. 

21st.May. 7th Days of Jelajah Malaysia
  at IKBN Kuala Kubu, SelangOr

21st.May. 7th Days of Jelajah Malaysia
at IKBN Pandan Indah~ KL

22nd.May. 8th Days of Jelajah Malaysia,  in frOnt Of  Grand Cont KL get reaDy to Melaka ~
Actually~ tOday is the last day Of Jelajah Malaysia. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ hahahaha~ i'm succeed~ befOre that we go to IKBN Pandan Indah to haVe breakfaSt  then riDe to next destonatiOn~

we R Lady Bikers Malaysia~

wth Datin Eilla~

at IKBN Chembong, I'm with Misbah Zainal, Bikers frOm SingapOre~

ArOund 12.30pm we arrived here, there we are invited tO play with students telematch .  Then we had  lunch befOre mOve tO Taming Sari, Melaka fOr closing ceremony for the Tour.
Lady Bikers~

Marshall Group

Police Traffic, for the all traffic traveling ~

St. John Group~ Thanks

Harley Owner Group of SingapOre~

SingapOre Bikers~

Our last stay befOre go back tomOrrow. Besides, tOnight is the last dinner with the participants invOlved, the police and the Marshall and all whO do get invOlved!

Equatorial hotel, Malacca. Our last dinner.

Jelajah Malaysia 15th - 22nd of May~ DONE~
we Love we Care~