Sunday, 4 September 2011

Solo Ride Eid Fitri KuaLa Lumpur tO Kuala Terengganu

soLo RiDe EiD FitRi 28th.August.2011

Today 28th.August.2011, Saturday ~ Here I want to stOry about my SoLo RiDe Eid Mubarak from Kuala Lumpur to Chendering, Kuala Terengganu. hehehehehehe..., Chendering is my Hometown, weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I started my journey from Bandar Baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur around 9:00 am about. And The next destination is the RnR Temerloh, I safely arrived here at about 10:05 and fill mY pinker6n petrol, I began to move to the next destination after 10 minutes of rest. VrOommmmmmmm~ Vrommmmm~ At 11:30 am I have Lasting second destination in Cherating, and here also I fill mY Pinker6n petrOl. To get to the next destination, I continued my journey at 11:45, thanks so much my god ~ I'm safe. Vroommmm~ vrommmm~ start enGine to My next destination and safely arrived in Kerteh at 12.30pm, in 12:50 I started moving to the final destination of the Kubang Ikan, Chendering. hooyyehhhhh~ here i come~`

Shell RnR Temerloh, 1st stOp Rest Venue~

at Petronas Cherating, 2nd stOp Rest Venue~

at Boarder Pahang to Kemaman , Terengganu~

at PetrOnas Kerteh, 3rd stOp Rest Venue~

Chendering Police StatiOn


Finally, I'm safely arrived in Chendering at 02:16, hehehehhehehe .. I just stop here just to shoot the police station and a sign Chendering picture, yes .. for material in the blog Pink Rider hooOOooyehhhhhh~~ and then go to kak Long house aNd arrived at 2:25 pm. Until I had here, do I continue to shoot my Pinker6n with the hOuse background to show my friends, that I'm safely arrived at my home ~ thank god!! After sufficient rest, in the evening I went home, my auntie hOuse (all must be wondering why I went to my auntie hOuse?? actually ... I was raised by my aunt since I was 7 years old, schooling, marriage, and many more of my aunt had managed, she more than my parents and I adopted her). HoooOOoooyyeeeehhhhh~ happy Eid Mubarak!
at Nor Aini & Aidi Ahmad hOuse~
saFely ArriVed at my hOst FamiLies

~mY hOst FamiLies~ haPpy Eid FitRi 2011~


  1. Tahniah ride sorang2 balik Kampung..dan selamat hari raya...

  2. You go GIRL....Kd tk mau cakap lebih2 SYABAS! buat selagi ada kemahuan dan kemampuan>jadi diri mu.

  3. suka pic pintu gerbang kemamanggggg....huhuh

  4. tQs kak naz~ uncle Dean n Ryo~ tQs a lot~