Monday, 5 September 2011

Ladies Ride - Summary Part 2

Ladies ride tO jB + jaLan2 ke TemaSek~
Ride BFF - Best fWen forever~ my best fwen here is Tun teja and Suma Iguana, both of them from LOST club n Ride GTR 150x. in this trip we decide to stay at appartment one of our friend at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. For this ride our Rv point like usual at Shell Tol Sg. Besi at 8am and we move  at 8.30am.

our 1st stop Rest Venue at PetroNas Ayer Keroh, Melaka

2nd stOp Rest Venue at PagOh~
safely arrived at Danga Bay~ now we are at Singgah Selalu for lunch hour~

wth Suma
wth Teja

Our bike at Parking~
on 11st.Dec.2010 we Get ready going to Singapore~

oTw to SingapOre~

in Singapore~

at Kg. Glam~

On 12nd.Dec.2010, before go back to Kuala Lumpur, we meet scOoterist JB 1st n attend weeding ceremony one of scooterist JB at Kulai
~ScOoterist JB~

24th - 26th. June.2011
Ladies RiDe tO HatYai, Thailand~
Penang Bike week, ok get ready~ hooyeeeeeeeehhhhhhh~ 
Oppsss: D ~ nge nge nge ~we dOnt go tO Penang Bike Week~ actually this trip was not planned, but last minute decision, we entered Thailand but only three, all women kay~ We went there just fOr fun, and fOr me was the first tiMe I went there!! lady rider who participated in this tRip was Siti Nur Eyres, Deida Shahabudin and I Chaya Juhan~

ok, let my story from the beginning, me and Siti promised tO meet at the Shell Toll Duta at 9.00am and at 9.30am we mOve to the Simpang Pulai tO see Deida Shahabudin there. You knOw what???  she was mOve 1st because her bike nOt fasTer~ (sabar je la ...) pheewwwwww ~ but after that, we mOve together intO the RnR Gunung SemanggOl to see Chefland, he did nOt follow us, otherwise go tO Penang Bike Week. At around 2:00pm, we mOved to Popo House (Siti Family) in Bukit Tambun and gOt there at 2.30pm, where we have lunch and rest befOre proceeding tO Hatyai.

blablabla~ zzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzzzz~ wake up!!!!!!!~
 at 5pm we get ready to gO to the Thai bOrder and moving at 5.30pm, stopping at the RnR Kayu Hitam fOr our rest before mOving to Changlung fOr change mOney and make Insurance for Our bikes~ blablabla ~ within minutes dOne and mOve to the Thai Immigration and blablabla ~ we move to Hatyai and safely arrived at 9pm ~ check in and rest and get shOwer and I get sleep ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzz ~

on 25th is my holiday la~ enjoy~
rOads tOrn eat fOr breakfast~
Massage tiMe ~
hi~ sawadeekar~~

DinNer tiMe~

at theRe we meet a feW pillion tO riDer frOm Malaysia~  n close tO 12am we move to Our rOom to reLax & get enOugh sleep zzzZZZZzzzzZZzzZZzzzz~

 early in the mOrning on 26th we get ready to gO back to Kuala Lumpur~ 
our rOom spOnsOred by Siti~ thanks dear babe~
tHree stOoges~
breakfast befOre returning tO Kuala Lumpur
  blablablablaaablaa~ snap pictures~ blablablablaaablaa~

Siti Nur Eyres wth her Orange Triumph~
Sis DeiDa ShahaBudin wth her MacHine~

 I wanNa gO back~~ Dis day iS very hOt~
 Finally safely arrived at RnR Sg.Buloh n get cOffee b4 gO back hOme~ 
thanks gOd~


  1. Best la sis semua..Tahniah.. Takde motor beso lak aku.. huhuhu...

  2. motor kecik pn bleh~ janji Dua rOda~ tQs~

  3. Bunga ooii...December 2011 belum lagi la...salah date tu...

  4. tQs sis Naz~ haiya~ manyak typo lor~ sowwy~~