Sunday, 23 October 2011

BikePaLoOza in Shah ALam

BikePaLoOza in Shah ALam

Bikepalooza 2011 is a motorbiking event which presented by Two Brothers and mainly participated by NAZA WORLD (brand of Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio, Gilera). This 3 day event will showcase a wide range of motorbikes with special promotion and pricing, host bikers activities such as convoys, stunt rides by TONY CARBAJAL (USA), local stunt competitions, race queens, sneak preview of new Ducati models, launch of new Indian Motorcycle, bike convoy, bikers gathering, Mega TTS, telematch (sukaneka), ,racing simulator, fashion show, motor bike lucky draw, karaoke, kid games, kids inflatable playground, face painting, colouring competition etc.... a lot of fun!

 and I'm here becauSe of  pHotosHoOt wiTh Bikers Cover Magazine
on 14th I came here by my scOot Pink rOxy, erk!! but... I dOnt haVe a piCture on dat phOtosHoOt~ :(

in BoOth of BCM

in BoOth of BCM

On 15th I came here by My ER6n Pinker6n~ for next phOtosHoOt. dat tiMe i came here around 3.30pm was Raining, so i sHud stay in BoOth of BCM wiTh artis Dr. Motor~ till rain stOp n do mY photosHoOt ~

wth da AcTor~

wiTh Dr. mOtOr~

Me wth once of Naza staff Bro Yuzray


shOoting tiMe~




in acTiOn~

 after photosHoot, befOre gOing back i met   
Lady Bikers Malaysia & MistRi Bikers SingapOre~

Lady Bikers~

Lady Bikers~



  1. standy for next photo shooting session for Vespa and Ducati bike next month.