Monday, 24 October 2011

Grand Prix 2011 at SIC

Grand Prix 2011
Sepang InternatiOnal Circuit

 GP 2011 at Sepang International Circuit ~ tHis year I gO to SIC Convoy wiTh Kawasaki Group, Rv pOint is at Taman Tasek Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur at 8.30am. Total mOtOrBike participate in diS cOnvoy iS 363 mOtOrBikes aNd pLus piLlion maybe around 400 peOple~

Kawasaki Owner~

Lady Bikers~

Briefing Time~

Bike n Bikers~

Me n mY riDe BudDy Monalisa@Nova

tHis cOnvoy lead by Marshall,  ride smOoth. Close to SIC, Kawasaki Group stop the rOadSide for a while, fOr wHat i dOnNo~ hehhehehhe~ erk! x_x . 15 minutes later we riDe to SIC and park Our mOtOrBike at Kawasaki parking lot~

with mY beLoved~ Jorge LorenzO. ngeh ngeh ngeh~ :p =))

Mg Mirae & Mona@Nova bOth of tHem is Lady Bikers~

Me n Sis Mg Mirae, Owes meT her here aS miSs preGgy~

in acTiOn~

with Marlboro mOdel~

Main Grandstand~

wiTh Bike Trader mOdel~

GP race start at 4pm I n mY fWen sitTing aT Grandstand Topaz sit facing the corner C9+C10+C11. at TuRn C10+C11, the riDer SimonCelli was accident in 2nd lap~ The accident caused severe injuries and riders pass away~ And da Grand Prix 2011 race immediately cancel.
Condolence to his Family, Friends, Italians, Fans~ RIP Simoncelli~ yOu aRe awesome & a rising star!

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