Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Flag Off VOG to Gajah Putih, Thailand~

Flag Off Versys Owner Group to Gajah Putih
5th.Oct.2011 at RnR Sg.Buloh

Rest Venue point Flag Off  VOG to Gajah Putih, Thailand is at RnR Sg.Buloh, 10pm. hehehheee~ but not participant arrived 1st here~

here is Sis Lin + Sis Jin + Sis Azuna, olls of tHem is Lady Bikers!!
Caya larh~

Pink its Mine~ hOoyeeeehhh~

sista n brother~

we R Bikers~

Chit cHat befOre RiDe~

Bro Azman + bRo Syawal + bRo James + Bro Fadil

Briefing Time~ Convoy Lead by bRo Syawal~
VOGians boraks Larh~

Bro Saif Abbas~ One of  VOG~ but his not join dis Trip :D~

VOGians ~ YEAH get ready to Ride~

chit cHat blalblablablaaa~ after briefing + after watever, around 11.30pm Rider Get ready to Convoy. Total Participation in tHis cOnvoy from heRe is 18 moTorbike. Hopefully VOGians safe in jOurney and safely come back.

 Let us pray the convoy's safe~