Sunday, 2 October 2011

RiDe tO TemerLoh~

 1st.Oct.2011 - RiDe tO TemerLoh
"Bulan Pencegah Jenayah Kontijen Pahang"
01.Oct.2011 -  I have joined VOG for Ride to Temerloh. We started convoy from our RV point BHP Gombak at 11.30am wth 16 Kawasaki Versys & 1 Kawasaki ER6n, Lead by Shahril (Ayie) n sweaper is Saif + Hadi ( hehehe~ both of them la kot)
wth VOGians~

Our jOurney safely arrived at Temerloh around 1.30pm, even gOt two motOrbike have a prOblem but everything is smOoth. Thanks gOd~
Smoke bike got problem~
BefOre waiting Official ConvOy at 3pm, we have lunch 1st at "Ikan Patin Pak Usop"~ then at 2.30pm mOved to Toll Temerloh where is Convoy Official started. 

at "Kedai Pak Usop Ikan Patin"

Total motorBike is 24 bikes, 17 from KL, 5 from Kuantan and 2 from Temerloh~
at Toll Temerloh, get Ready to shOrt Convoy~
The Pinker6n its Mine~
Congratulation to VOG - Versys Owner Group for short Convoy "Bulan Pencegahan Jenayah Kontinjen Pahang" in Temerloh succeed. Convoy accompany the Pahang Police Chief, Dato' Abdul Ghani b Sharifuddin from Toll Temerloh to Tunas Manja Supermarket. 
the Main purpose of "Bulan Pencengah Jenayah"

after Open Ceremony "Bulan Pencegah Jenayah" we got tea time ~
 Done~ n after dat we gO back n stop at RNR Genting Sempah for "ngOpi2" befOre going back hOme~ tadaaaaa~
at RnR Genting Sempah~